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    Default (Sale/Trade) Painted Castle Ravenloft Game, other 2 D&D adventure system games

    Painted Castle Ravenloft D&D boardgame, has custom tray built in box made out of D&D tiles (see pics). Would like to sell this for $80 plus shipping.

    I also have Legend Of Drizzt (unpainted) $30 plus shipping, and
    Wrath of Ashardalon (primed) $30 plus shipping.

    Again, I am also willing to trade for 1980s 28mm Citadel/Marauder/Dungeon Dwellers Heritage/Ral Partha AD&D any vintage lead.

    Shipping is from California, USA

    email me: mar dot rosquites @ or pm me.
    my blog:

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    Castle Ravenloft is sold, the other 2 games are still available.

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    Everything is sold!



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