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    Default I am loving 40k right now!

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    Dunno about anyone else, but I am feeling very hyped about 40k these days.

    I'm not just talking rules - it's the models and the spangly new forces we're getting.

    In the past 12 months, we've finally seen Imperial Knights bestride the board. I've longed to see this ever since I first played Titan Legions (I missed original a Epic!). To me they're very 40k.

    From there, we've seen a consistently high quality of models being released. Although a reluctant painter, I greatly enjoy building the kits. Not only are the latest releases spectacular sculpts, but they go together really nicely - better than any that came before.

    This year of course, seems to be the year of the 'really cool, long awaited' stuff.

    Harlequins are now a small army in their own right, with some spangly new units bunged in. Again, this is something I've always been interested in seeing.

    Eldar have got a book worthy of 2nd Edition in terms of its toys, and apart from Storm Guardians, which continue to baffle me, there's nary a duff unit within its hallowed pages. Distortion Weapons are now Strengh D, which is background awesome.

    Mechanicus are also finally getting some serious lovin'. I've even kicked off a Skitarii army, and the models are bloody excellent.

    Then? MOAR KNIGHTS! Yay!

    It's been like a 4 month Christmas!
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    Tbh I was bored of 40k up until this year - this years really done it for me, harlequins, mechanicum ect the neverending codex cycle of the past was just getting too boring and stagnant for me. I wanted to see totally new stuff and they seem to be fullfilling wish en-masse. I'm actually finding myself feeling excited like I did as a kid, wondering what crazy stuff they'll come out with next as things like Genestealer cults, Hrud and such don't seem the impossible dreams they once were but something that could actually happen now.
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    I think you just nailed it.

    I've always been pretty rabid when it comes to GW stuff, but these releases have blown away an ennui I didn't realise was there.

    I'm frothing like a good'un about the Skitarii stuff. Whilst I appreciate he's not to everyone's tastes, the models are straight out of John Blanche's sketchbook. They look how Mechanicus stuff should look - technohorror. Soldiers willingly submitting to mutilation of their bodies to be one with the machine.

    The Imperium itself is really starting to feel like the Imperium. If anything, I'd say Space Marines need to Gothic it up a bit more.
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    I was slumping badly with 40k last year. WHFB was much more exciting with the End Times and so on. Now I'm all enthusiastic about Eldar again (all three variants!). I know that as soon as I get a force together, the new Fantasy stuff will drop. God dammit.
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    It's weird, wild and wonderful... I'm loving the 'new and long awaited things', Knights, Harlies, Mechanicus but I'm not at all enthused with codex rewrites hitting a 2 year cycle. For me that's just way too fast and is encouraging me to just set out of the game itself for a while and stick to the models. I'm also loving the game for fluffy friendly play but not enjoying events as much. Regardless it's really been a roller coaster ride the last couple of years!
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    Is this supposed to be an all-positive thread? If so, I can come back and remove my comments.

    I'm a gamer, so right now, 40K has me feeling worse about it than ever.

    Sure, all the new releases are cool, but I can't really afford them, and I'm already annoyed when I see things like multiple books I paid for being useless 3-12 months after release, which is less money I could spend on models. Plus I bought all the Warhammer End Times books and a lot of the models, and those are now just... doing nothing. People grew sick of the End Times stuff quickly, and the big game that should have been fun had people trying to pull some shenanigans or whatever, and it just got tiring. So that's a lot of money doing squat. And when so many new releases are over $100, it's hard to get excited about them.

    My biggest problem with 40K right now is that the balance is getting insane, and it's become an arms race. If I want to keep up, I need to switch armies, then spend a lot of money on bigger, nastier stuff. GW wins there, but I lose big. And those matches just don't feel fun. Too many games end up with what should be a nicely balanced "all-comers" list getting wiped out because it couldn't deal with a particular death star or two, and I'm not wanting to drop hundreds of dollars and play a non-fluffy army just because it's better able to deal with other non-fluffy beat-your-face-off lists. It's insane to see what had been a community of people who played for fun and loved narrative battles and hated people making beatstick lists and trying to roflstomp their opponents being changed into beatstick players, but it's what I see happening. There are a handful who still want to play narrative games for fun, but the number is dwindling rapidly as more people just give in and adopt what seems to be the new norm. I can take losing games. I just can't take sitting there with units that should be capable of putting up a fight and watching them instead just bounce off the other army while it runs through mine like nothing.

    I've tried playing other games with people lately, and they feel so much better. More narrative battles. The units all feel like they're doing something productive. Entire forces cost less than many of the models that are now part of everyday 40K. At that point, it's hard to keep wanting to go back, with a tweaked list, and watch it get mauled because you don't want to torture the fluff and drop a bunch of cash to build the latest hot list (which, in time, will have its units nerfed and new stuff released or beefed up, meaning you get to pay more and change things again). It feels like Magic: The Gathering, only taking an agonizing amount of time for each match.

    So right now, I find the current era of 40K actually prompting me to look at other games, and having me less enthused than ever for 40K.

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    as happy as I am for what they are making the Sega fan in me is a little worried

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    I'm more unhappy with 40K than I have ever been in 14 years.
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    I'm sorry, you'll have to leave. You're not allowed to be negative, not on Mr. Mystery's watch.

    But seriously, they were starting to do a pretty good job of fixing up what they'd broken in 6th. Then, I guess they just gave up or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Setzer View Post
    My biggest problem with 40K right now is that the balance is getting insane, and it's become an arms race. If I want to keep up, I need to switch armies, then spend a lot of money on bigger, nastier stuff.
    Or you could spend the time you are wasting second guessing the rules and complaining learning to compete in the current meta with the armies you already have?

    And while you are at it try and enjoy watching some of the coolest stuff GW has ever released being added every week.


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