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Thread: Alkemy the game

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    Concept by Tania Sanchez Fortun

    ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Nas~Far'k, defender of Dal~Eth for Naashtis !
    Warning, a heavyweight hero will arrive on the battlefield ! Nas~Far'k is a Pes-Hat, a large size Naashti (size 3), as well as Choker of Dal~Eth. 11 Health pionts, Combat 6, Frightening 14, a 3 3 4 4 5 6 Damage table but this is these two skills that will make the difference. Projection will allow him once per round to perform a free combat roll in opposition to an opponent's miniature. If successful, the difference between the two rolls will be the distance in inches that the opposing miniature will be pushed away, losing as many Health points. Provocation will allow him once per round, to target 2 enemy miniatures located at max 3 inches from him. These 2 miniatures will not be able to move any more except if they engage Nas~Far'k. Born for fighting, he will spill blood and tears across the battlefield ! The miniature will be a 3D sculpture...

    Design-prototype by Nicoleblond and Tobias

    ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Scenery sets for starter box!
    A basin, a well, a building, 2 walls and 1 temple will constitute the 6 sceneries set that will be the starter box. Using the same graphic theme as the "desert" battlemat, they will increase your immersion to your games. This set will simulate perfectly a Khaliman Republic's environment. These sceneries sets will be printed on thick paper (300 g) and pre-cut. You'll just have to unpack them, the assembly will take 5 minutes.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Concept by Thomas Verguet

    ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Spume apprentice for Utopia!
    He's an alchemist from the outer Circle. He posses 3 skills : "Feint" that allow him to change his combat card by the inactive one. This skills apply AFTER the combats card are revealed, tacital help in a lot of situations. "Mythical devotion" that allow him to "guard" (take the position of a friendly miniatures within 2 inches when targeting by a spell, a shot, a charge...) legendary hunters. He only have one formula : Nevoa that will summon a fog area (the size of a profile card). Miniatures inside the area will be hidden, only visible by the miniatures inside the area. The area cuts the lines of sight. This formula can be cast up to 6 inches away from the sprume apprentice :-)

    ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Interview with Nicoleblond by Mellal
    They have been a lot of announcements in July at the annual final and Mellal, the winner of the final, wanted to know more about the kickstarter and about the other projects.The interview is to be read here:

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    We have just launched a second kickstarter to fund a starter box for 2 players, with all it takes to play Alkemy Blitz: miniatures, game stuff, battlemat, scenery sets and scenario book.

    For those who already own the game, we offer new miniatures, starters (miniatures with game stuff) and / or blitz lists (miniatures without game stuff), and also the 10th anniversary miniature of the game sculpted by Allan Carrasco.

    If you are not interested in the game, it is still possible to take the first contribution (€1) and select one or more miniatures, a battlemat, objective pwans, ... The smallest contribution is invaluable to the success of this project. We need everyone, thanks to those who will support us :-)

    Spread the word very very loudly :-)

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    Here is the blitz list exclusive kickstarter of the Sanctified!
    2 miniatures size 3 et 3 news : Avalonian Colossius, Berac'h the Jailor, 1 prisoner, the Jailor et Sanctified Alchemist
    It was only during the Alkemy Kickstarter campaign :-)

    And we release the Mornea collection :-)
    A set of tee-shirts with faction logos and sub-faction, with "Alkemy" underneath the logo.
    Price for on Tee-shirt : €18

    And we unveil one of the sculptures of the new miniatures: Nas~Far'k, defender of Dal~Eth for Naashtis

    Go to Kickstarter page:

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    Come on, it's a week ...

    We will unveil sculptures every day
    We start with the 3 crow wind-warriors

    Accustomed to circumvent the enemy lines and watch for the movement of the opposing troops, they come today to deliver a joyful message. They saw in the plains a triadic emissary. She joins the ranks, and is ready to live scenarios of the scenario book campaign, and other adventures you will make her live :-)

    Now is the time to support us

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    There are new ones in the online store :-)

    Nas~Far'k, defender of Dal~Eth, for Naashtis
    Sculpted by Florent Kristner, painted by Jérémy Mahieu

    3 crow wind warrior, for Aurlok Nation
    Sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painted par FABYAN.Paint Studio
    Find article on website : [url]]

    Vicar of the spine, for Sanctified
    Sculpted by Raphael Banguet, painted by Jérémy Mahieu

    Jailor, for Sanctified
    Sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painted by Jérémy Mahieu

    Prisoner, for Sanctified
    Sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painted by Jérémy Mahieu
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    Alkemy Black friday - friday 23th (French hour from 00:00:01 in the night from Thursday to Friday) to Sunday 25th (23:59:59)
    25% on whole range
    Discount code will be: black

    For shipping costs, they are calculated from the "initial" basket (ie before reduction)
    FRANCE :
    < 29,99€ = 2,50 €
    Between 30 € up to 74,99€ = 4,50€
    From 75€ = free

    EUROPE :
    < 29,99€ = 3€
    Between 30 € up to 74,99€ = 7€
    Between 75 € up to 149,99€ = 10€
    From 150€ = free

    < 29,99€ = 3,50€
    Between 30 € up to 74,99€ = 7€
    Between 75 € up to 199,99€ = 10€
    From 200€ = free


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