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Thread: Alkemy the game

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    Mornea Chronicles 2019-2020
    What is Chronicles? Chronicles are an organized game on Alkemy forum since 2010. They start September 1st until the end of May. The goal is to make an organized game for the community, to play players, to discover scenarios, to reward players, to have challenges. Like previous seasons, we start with 3 scenarios in September, and we add an additional scenario each month.

    Must we play each month then? No, the system is totally free. You can start at any time, play whenever you want, where you want, and with whom you want. Thus, you can start from the first month (September), or start from December, play every month, or play only occasionally, and not necessarily every month. The principle is simple and free.

    Is there anything to gain? Each game you play will be counted, and at the end of every month, the top 2 players get their ticket for the final. If the 2 best players are already qualified, the following players are qualified. Also, we draw a draw at the end of each month among the players of the month, and 4 people win a purchase voucher usable on the online store.

    Visit the Alkemy forum. Find the first 3 scenarios to play: the Chests, the Market of the Horn and the Sandman. You can play them in Blitz format, Origin format or multi (3 and 4 players). All the explanations are on the Alkemy forum in the section dedicated to the chronicles:

    Operation Chronicles, reduction on starter box and blitz lists during 1 week!
    Since the chronicles restart, we propose to start the game or to discover a new faction or subfaction, until Friday, September 6 evening. So, this is the best way to join the chronicles :-)

    •Starter box for 2 players at 50 euros instead 79 euros
    • Blitz list at 40 euros instead 48 euros

    Toad, Templar, Wolf, Khaliman, Naashti, Utopia, Cobra, Escapees, Crow, Auroch, you have the choice among 10 Blitz lists!

    Find Starter Box and Blitz Lists at Alkemy Online Shop:

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    New release for Sorority and Fadela, subfaction for Khaliman Republic

    3 Mahritin Genii
    Elite troop 2 AP, COM 4 DEF 11, a fairly strong DAM table. Armor-piercing in combat (they ignore Tough), they can benefit from a fast, normal or brutal expert or from a frightening 14. They can also strike for free if the summoner launches a formula within 5 inches of them.

    Sorority and Fadela Starter
    It includes 7 miniatures: Hero Litam Bint Sorhna with 2 Water Sprite, Summoner Sorhna and 3 Mahritin


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