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    Default ONUS! Rome Vs Carthago: English Version of the game

    Greetings friends!

    I’m Jose Manuel from Spain. I’m part of Draco Ideas, a new Spanish publisher. We publish last year our first game: ONUS Rome VS Carthago.

    We introduce you this game that is very well known in Spain, has good reviews and that we will produce in English after summer, along with two expansions

    ONUS! is a wargame similar to miniature games, where both sides fight an old age battle. The game is based on the II Punic War mainly, although battles from III to I B.C centuries could be simulated. The game concept combines both orders and events cards, that makes each game different and each combat unpredictable and exciting.

    YOUTUBE (texts in Spanish)

    The game has:
    A rule book with some battles (40 pages)
    A quick guide (4 pages)
    1-player rules (4 pages)
    90 unit cards
    6 help cards
    72 action and event cards
    4 wooden dice
    Cloth bag
    Over 130 counters
    Box size: 23x15x5.5cm
    Number of players: 1-4
    Play time: >30m
    Minimum age: 12
    Box weight. 0,6Kg

    ONUS! has a strategic component similar to that of a miniature game such as Warhammer Fantasy, Fields of Glory or the like, because it allows us to extend formations, change them (wall of shields, phalanx, arrow, square formation), or flank enemies using a special counter. In addition we have to decide how to play the order/event cards. They will allow us to give orders to our army and to change the combats and shootings with special features such as ambush, lancers against mounted units, wounding the officials or the general, reinforcing a unit, making a unit veteran, etc.
    ORDERS allow us to activate units in order to be able to charge, move, heal, change formations, shoot, etc...
    EVENTS allow us to change a combat adding bonuses or penalties to the dice rolls. For example we can play the event "Wind changes” when the enemy shoots us and she will have some penalties. Or if we charge against a most powerful unit than ours we could use the event "Harangue" that means that our official cheers up our soldiers giving us some attack bonuses.

    HELP CARD with bonuses/penalties and turn phases:

    We will launch a Kickstarter campaign in a few months in order to get enough financial support to produce it in English. And to produce the Persian and Greek expansion and the Scenarios one (with fortresses, woods, assault towers, rams, fire shooting, assault rules, etc..(similar to the Total War videogame! )

    Here you can download the quick guide to know more about ONUS!:

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    Greetings friends!

    We will post more information here and you can also take a look in and and @ONUSenglish in Twitter.

    We want to let you know what and how it is ONUS. We will launch a Kickstarter campaign in a few months in order to get enough financial support to produce it in English. And to produce the Persian and Greek expansion and the Scenarios one (with fortresses, woods, assault towers, rams, fire shooting, assault rules, etc..(similar to the Total War videogame! )
    Here you can download the quick guide to know more about ONUS!:

    HELP CARD with bonuses/penalties and turn phases:

    Battle pic

    Some pics of the game

    Have a nice day!

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    Grretings friends,

    Here you have more photos of the released Spanish version of the game.

    Map of the Mediterranean Sea with the 5 more important battles during the II Punic War, included in the game:

    Game festival in Spain

    Other pics of ONUS battles!

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    Salutem Civium!

    In this message, we are going to introduce you 3 of the units of the game:
    Sagittarii was the name given to archers during the Ancient Republic of Rome. They were part of the auxiliary troops giving support to the legionaries. Most of the archers were infantry and therefore pedestrians.

    Los Punic archers of Carthage: Carthaginians should know how to use the composite bow, of Semite origin, although its use was not very common among the mercenaries.
    It has been written about Cretan archers among the defending army at Siracuse, during Marcus Claudius Marcelllus siege.

    And the Lusitan infantry of Carthage: Lusitan infantry is a skirmisher unit, light and fast, skilled for ambushes and fast retreats. Anong their equipment they had a small shield, concave in the front and with a diameter of 2 ft, that they carried over the shoulders with the help of straps. They also had a dagger or a knife and several javelins. Most of them had a linen armor.

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    Hi all,

    We are back to inform you about the new ONUS projects we are working in. We don´t have new illustrations but nevetheless we give you some tips about them

    EXPANSION Greeks vs Persians

    It will be a small box, more or less half sized of the original ONUS box. It will have around 100 unit cards, including some generals. We will be able to play historic battles , those of the Persian wars (499 to 449 BC)) , of the Delian League against the Persians and of the Peloponnesian War (431 to 421 BC) between Athens and Sparta

    . Generals: there will be 6 generals: Themistocles (Athens), Leonidas (Sparta), Miltiades (Athens), Xerxes (Persia), Mardonius (Persia), Demosthenes (Athens). These generals will have the same skills as Scipio and Hannibal (leadership and moral influence) and at least another special skill. All the information will be written in a general card that wil have an illustration as well.

    . Counters with new skills and new generals.

    . Units: There will be 4 new armies. Some of them will have new skills.

    We will update this expansion regularly

    EXPANSION tscenery and fortresses

    The box will be similar to the original ONUS box

    It will have:

    River: They will be split in several parts including bends. They will have jigsaw connections
    Walls and destroyed walls
    Fire damage counters
    Siege towers
    Unit counters to place them in closed places
    A wooden fortress, with jigsaw connections, similar to a Roman camp that we will be able to design as per our wish. With doors, towers, walls....
    Stone fortress, similar to the wooden one

    There will be new weapons and special siege rules.

    We hope you will enjoy them.

    We can show you this sketch

    and this roman camp cloth we are using for the playtestingy
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    Hi all!

    We are working in the illustrations for the ONUS! expansion 'Scenery and fortresses'

    Here you can see a testing version of the wooden fortress. It will be made of small pieces that you can assemble together creating the fortress you wish.

    In the enclosed image there is a Roman triarii ready to begin the assault. Once it touches the wall it faces it using the marks that the wall has. These marks allow both the defender and the attacker to line up with the wall.

    Defenders inside fortresses can overlap themselves. In the image 3 sections of the Celtiberian infantry and 4 sections of the Sacred batallion defend this area of the wall. The section that is below the friendly unit due to the overlapping can't attack or be attacked. It would be similar to beingpositiones behind the friendly unit. Defenders are placed both over and behind the walls.

    If the wall is attacked by onagers or ballistas then the defenders will suffer collateral damage.

    In the image's example, when the Roman faces the wall she can decide whether trying to damage the wall with fire or other means or climbing it. In this case we will use a counter to show that the unit is climbing. The defender, in her turn, will be able to attack the Roman from above (she doesn´t need an action to do it) and there will be no counterattack by the Roman.

    In her next turn, the Roman will have climbed one level (being on top of the wall) and she will be able to attack (without using any action cards) but after the defender´s attack. So the deffender attacks first, then the Roman makes a morale check (if wounded) and finally she will attack. At the end of the turn the unit most wounded will make a final morale check. The defender has +1/+1 to armor values due to the wall's cover.

    These are the general guidelines for assaulting a fortress.

    To be continued...

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    We have updates about the expansions!!!:

    - In the expansion Greece & Persia we will include at least 6 new generals: 2 from Athens, 2 from Sparta and 2 from Persia. To be able to play battles with different generals (the new ones, the standard ones and Scipio and Hannibal) we have created a recruitment cost system. This way we will be able to play battles using generals of different eras.

    Generals will be represented with counters and we will add a general card, with an illustration, its recruitment cost, its moral range, its bonuses, its leadership value and special skills they may have.

    Would you like to know the special skill of Leonidas or Themistocles?

    - In the Scenery & buildings expansion we are still working in the design. Here you can find some river tiles. There will be plenty of them so we will be able to design the river we want. There will be areas to cross them and bridges too. But watch out! wood bridges can be set on fire and stone bridges can be blown off with onagers

    And here you can see the promotional clip. We hope you enjoy it

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    We have almost decided the start date of the new ONUS crowdfunding campaign: October, 9th at 17.00 CET.

    This campaign contains the ONUS 1st English edition and the 2nd Spanish one plus the expansions Greece & Persia and Sceneries & Buildings in both languages. All this will be available separately or in several packs depending on what you would like to get.

    We are currently working in the units and generals illustrations. Generals will be more important in the game and they will have its own recruitment cost.

    There will be new rules, mainly within the Sceneries & Buildings expansion. An example of this is the following combat sequence by a river and a bridge:

    1. Romans move towards the river. Cavalry with the extended formation on the left side and the triarii ready to cross the river

    2. The Lusitan infantry pivots backwards, then moves forward and shoot their javelins (inflicting 1 wound). Afterwards they move backwards (due to being skirmishers). The archers shoot (1 more wound) and the phalanx gets closer to the bridge

    3. The Roman cavalry charges against the Lusitan infantry, flanking them and rolling 6 dice. After the attack the Lusitans flee and have 4 wounds. The triarii gets closer to the bridge and charges with 2 sections (the bridge size doesn´t allow more sections to engage in combat

    Just to finish this post, a question for you: Do you know these folks?

    To be continued.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotcha View Post
    Sounds pretty cool, though I never heard of it before. I'd like to try it some time.
    Thank you!

    The game was released in Spanish language in 2014, and that first spanish edition sold out.

    You can find some information about it in Boardgamegeek game web page... and soon we are going to start the Kickstarter campaign for the 1st English edition of the game.

    I hope you like it!! We continue informing about it!

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    We already have a start date for the ONUS Kickstarter campaign: October, the 14th. From that date you will be able to reserve a copy of the game and be a project backer. The game will be available in both English or Spanish language.

    Share this with your friends!

    But the Kickstarter campaign will not only let you get the game. Further to it 2 new expansions will be released. Here you have the Scenery & Fortreses cover. It shows all you can find in it: siege and assault rules, bridges and rivers, woods, and much more...

    And don't forget the Greeks & Persian expansion too!


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