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    Now in ONUS! the figure of the GENERAL becomes even more prevalent. With the upcoming expansions and since each General has his unique set of skills, there will be a modifier depending on the General and the number of points of your army. Hannibal and Scipio are well balanced.

    But, what will happen with the new Generals included in the Greece expansion and those that may be unblocked in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign?

    Leonidas, Themistocles, Xerxes, Mardonius, Lysander...

    You have to carefully choose your General and your army to win the battle!

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    Greetings friends,

    Are you ready for ONUS?

    ONUS! Rome Vs Carthage Kickstarter campaign has just started! You can see all the details about it here:

    There are some pledge levels, and stretch goals waiting for you. 2 new expansion packs are available: ONUS! Scenery & Fortresses and ONUS! Greeks & Persians.

    We hope you find everything interesting!

    Best regards,

    Jose Manuel

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    Goal Hit! Time to improve ONUS!

    Many thanks to all the backers! Onus! and its two expansions will be edited thanks to your support.

    We inform you of a new Stretch Goal that will be unlocked if we get 300 retweets of this tweet

    It is a new unit, the Gladiators, mercenaries used mainly by the Romans. These soldiers were former prisoners, slaves or criminals that were recruited when there was an urgency. They can also be played in battles against Rome. They are a fast unit, carrying light armor, professionals and with an extra skill. Backers will receive 3 cards of this unit.

    And we've just unlocked the first stretch goal at 21.000 USD!

    At KS project we have uploaded some pics of units belonging to the base game and the cards showing different bonuses and penalties that apply when rolling dice at combats.

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    Greetings friends!!

    We are pleased to announce that another Stretch Goal has been unlocked, so now the expansion Scenery & Fortresses will have 2 additional new bridges.

    Also, there will be new dice for the base game and ONLY FOR BACKERS,
    customized cloth bags with imprinted Rome and Carthage logos. But that´s not all... we have also a new King: Philip II (father of Alexander the Great).

    He belongs to a later era and is the first one of a new army, the warlike Macedonians.

    We are working on the illustrations of the Greeks & Persians expansion, both represented in the box cover and also in some of the units, once the playtesting process has finished. As an example, here you can see the Spartan Hoplites and the status of the sketch drawing of the box cover at present.

    Coming soon we will have a new addon, available to all backers. A 75x75 cm(29.5x29.5 inches) playmat at a very low price. Built with waterproof material, it doesn´t wrinkle, regardless how many times and for how long you fold it. Easy to store as there is no need to roll it up and handy to carry.
    A great addon nobody should miss!

    For stores we have added a new pack, containing 3 base game plus 2 expansions of each type.

    And now, time to give some insights about the new SG. The target has been set at 30.000$ and it does offer:

    · For the Greeks and Persians expansion, a new Athenian unit (4x
    . They were Tracian soldiers that fought as light infantry.

    · For the Scenery & Fortresses expansion, a new Campaign Rulebook
    and the Hispania Campaign
    , comprised by 8 scenarios (starting with The Siege of Saguntum)

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    Greetings friends!!

    We have news from you. A new stretch goal has been unlocked: Persian War Chariots and General Regulus has arrived to ONUS!

    Further to it we have added 2 playmats. You just need to add them as an add on on your pledges and enjoy ONUS! a bit more.

    It is 75x75cm (29.5x29.5in). It doesn´t wrinkle, it is waterproof, it can be folded...

    We hope to unlock soon the new SG: including in the Greeks & Persians expansion the general Mardonius and 3 cards of Cretan Archers within the mercenaries. Mardonius was a good commander in Darius I army. He fought close to Xerxes in the Persian Wars when invading Greece.

    Thank you for your support!!

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    Greetings friends,

    As requested by several backers we are going to add a new add-on. 6 Armies Deck Boxes. The add-on price is 9$ for the set of 6 boxes. These deck boxes are 92x20x67mm (5.9x0.8x2.6"). They are big enough to contain our army units with or with no plastic cover. They will come in layers so they are not damaged during shipping. All you will have to do is fold them. If you remove the base game inlay that comes with the box you can have the 6 deck boxes inside and the rest of the components as well.

    We have 1 new unit just designed: The Peripolos. They are mercenaries. A light infantry unit, skirmishers, and with javelins. Young soldiers, with high morale and life values that were seen quite often fighting along the Greeks as special forces or securing the borders.

    We update you about the new 34000$ SG and the new social Stretch Goal to unlock Alexander the Great and 2x Macedonian Companions Cavalry!

    This SG will be unlocked when we reach 300 likes in and this post is shared 200 times

    THANKS for sharing it!!!

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    Here you have Persians & Greeks cover:

    The last week of the KS is coming... and there are a lot of surprises waiting for you!

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    Greetings friends!!

    This is the last KS week!!

    We have finally unlocked the facebook SG and we will have Alexander the Great and 2x Macedonian Companions Cavalry

    We have unlocked the 32000 SG as well: 2 watchtowers for the S&F expansion and just for backers Hamilcar the Carthaginian, father of Hannibal Barca, who fought against the Romans during the I Punic War. He took part in the Mercenaries War and conquered part of Iberia.

    We need some more backers to help us unlocking the Twitter SG. We need 300 shares and there are 130 left. They are needed to unlock 3x Gladiators

    Thanks all once more!!

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    Greetings friends,

    We have unlocked a new SG: 2x Hippeis Cavalry for the G&P expansion, 4 lake tiles for the S&F one and 3 rulers for the new armies

    The new unlockable SG has many tiles to be able to build our own stone fortress, the Spartan general Lysander and 2x Macedonian Hypaspists and we are so close to unlock it too!!

    We have a sketch of the watchtower (that can be used to place a unit) and a tile of the stone fortress

    And two new units ready to fight: Athenian Cavalry and Melophores Guard

    Thanks for your support!!

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    Greetings friends!!

    In last days ONUS is moving fast!! The 36k and 38k SG has been unlocked.

    There are good news regarding to deck boxes. This addon will have 7 boxes instead of 6. We add the Macedonian one free. The final measurements of the deck boxes are 3.7x0.7x2.4" (95x18x61mm) and 300gr. In terms of unit cards. Within the boxes fit 45 cards with no sleeves (recommended) and 30-35 with sleeves.

    Here you have 2 new SGs. Will they be unlocked?

    42K SG: For the G&P expansion the general Epaminondas of Thebes. He defeated the Spartans several times; For the S&F expansion we have trenches, allowing us to have shelter against cavalry and that can´t be cross by siege machines.

    We include the 'Athens vs Sparta campaign' with 6 scenarios of the main ground battles among them. And 3x Macedonians Prodromoi, light cavalry with lances, that were mainly explorers but could also charge.

    44k SG: For the G&P expansion the Spartan king Agesilaus II, that fought against Epaminondas of Thebes several times; For the S&F expansion 'Rise of Macedonia' campaign with 5 scenarios ending with a battle in India. Battles of Philip II and Alexander. And mountains tokens. They can´t be climbed and we can't do ranged attacks through them. And the king Darius III that fought against Alexander.

    And finally we show you the Athenian Hoplites, with the official asking for help to the Gods.


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