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    Hi Warriors,

    If the printer is not delayed we will ship the pledges during late May or early June. We are having everything double checked by American native speakers.

    We depict some designs of the Terrain&Fortresses expansion. We hope you like them!

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    Hi friends,

    Less than 10% of backers have not yet updated their PM2 data. We are glad about it and hope the figure goes down to zero soon.

    You will receive, in a few days, an email with all the info related to your pledges and delivery issues.

    Regarding the game, everything is being edited at the moment, but T&F and base game rulebooks and the Campaigns Book, which are being reviewed in their English version.

    We will split the delivery by languages. The Spanish material will be delivered, approximately, by the end of May and the English one a couple of weeks later.

    In an upcoming update we will depict some of the new components already printed.

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    Greetings friends!

    Here you can find rulesbook in both language (English & Spanish).

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    Greetings friends!

    All the pledges in Spanish have been already delivered. Last week we finished with the translation double checking and sent the rulebooks to the printer. All the rest is in our warehouse.

    We have positive feedbacks from the backers that received their pledges. They are delighted with the playmats, the Flat Plastic components of the Terrain&Fortresses expansion and the 112 pages Campaigns Book. Some of them recorded an 'Unboxing' and we are starting 'how to play' demos in spanish stores.

    We hope we will start delivering the English pledges by the end of June.

    Here you can see some pics of a 3 vs 3 battle (6 players). Persians and Mercenaries in one side. Athenians, Spartans and other Greeks in the other. Leonidas, Themistocles and Epaminondas were able to cross the river but the Partian Cataphracts did it as well by their left flank, overrunning the light infantry...A great battle!

    Thanks for your patience!
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    The shipments of ONUS! are arriving and supporters are getting their first hands-on experiences. Here you have some examples from a gamer:

    If you are interested in buying a copy of ONUS you can contact us here or visit our web

    On the other side, we would also point out that Draco is now kickstarting another cool game with cards (a WW2 game called "2GM"):


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