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    Default Warhammer: GROM, an Orcs & Goblins expansion

    Clicking on the picture below will take to Randy’s website where you can download the free Warhammer: GROM.


    Warhammer: GROM is an unofficial Orcs & Goblins – The End Times – expansion for WFB. Inside you will find:

    • The destiny of Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain and his role in the fall of Ulthuan.
    • Six new variant army lists for the Orcs & Goblins, detailing different Waaagh! invasions from across the Warhammer world!
    • Background and rules for new units and special characters including Grom the Paunch – Incarnate of Mork and Bane of Elves, Morhog Da Mighty, and Leader-Eater – Master of Gnoblar Country.

    About the Creators
    Written by Kevin Coleman. Kevin has been collecting Goblins since the late ‘80s and has written for the Citadel Journal and White Dwarf magazine. A few years ago, Kevin wrote the Dwarfs of Chaos Indy GT army book, an unofficial supplement accepted into various tournaments and Warhammer games across the world.

    Illustrated by Randy Elliott. Randy has been an avid Warhammer Orcs and Goblins player since 3rd edition. He also happens to have spent a number of years working in comics and painting fantasy images for CCGs.

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    I wanted to use my beautiful Grom model in fantasy as Grom and not a normal character on chariot, problem being if he breaks from combat he auto dies because of the banner. Darn you GW!



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