With the release of Khorne Daemonkin, I was hoping desperately for the release of a new unit that I'm sure many others have dreamed of: Berzerkers riding juggernauts, or an equivalent of Skullcrushers for 40k.

Unfortunately, that bloody, skull-filled dream did not come true.

But if your gaming group is anything like mine, your friends are down to use homebrew rules to FORGE A NARRATIVE and stuff.

Therefore, I present this unit entry to the world in hopes that you will comment and provide feedback. These rules have already been presented to Heresy-Online.net and Bolter & Chainsword, but I'd love to have an even wider audience to expose them to.

The original inspiration for the ruleset came from Thunderwolf Cavalry, which is the closest analogue to my unit: power armored cavalry whose mount is nearly identical (begrudgingly, it's better...). From there, I attempted to swap wargear and special rules that were not compatible as well as add a bit of flavor.

There is a mindset among some players that homebrew units must be underpowered and expensive. It is obviously not universal, but I've encountered it often enough to note. So I offer the following for your consideration: The current meta of our game involves a LOT of cheesy bull**** that is totally legitimate and straight from Games Workshop's writers. One can complain, and one can refuse to play a general who makes use of the worst of these units, but they don't really need anyone's permission to use them in most situations. Wraithknights, Necron Decurion formation, Eldar Scatterbikes, Flesh Tearers allied drop pod shenanigans, Draigostar, Superfriends, et cetera.

Please, keep that in mind. I know that the target demographic for this unit is friendly games. In fact, those are the only kind that I play. That being said, this unit is designed to be powerful. It is designed to be a close combat monster of a unit but at the same time I believe it is still quite reasonable over all. Of course, that is my opinion and I am biased on their favor. I have modified it extensively since its early inception based on the feedback I received from other players, so what you see is not merely the wishlisty nonsense it could have been.

Have a gander and tell me what you think.

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