So here's my stab at a hard-hitting list for a small local tournament coming up. I don't normally build highly competitive lists, so if there's any obvious bases I'm not covering I'd appreciate some feedback. I'm hoping the Wraithknight and the Corpsethief will overload most people's capacity for dealing with MCs (especially at 1500pts), and I don't expect to see many Centurions based on what I know of the players. I might be a bit light on fast units for the Maelstrom missions, but I've got one ObSec Serpent and I figure the Corpsethief can make up the difference by scoring VPs for every non-vehicle unit they kill.

Farseer Skyrunner - 120
-Singing Spear

5 Dire Avengers - 65
Wave Serpent - 120
-TL-Shuricannon, Shuricannon

5 Windrider Jetbikes - 85

Crimson Hunter - 140

Wraithknight - 295
-Heavy Wraithcannons

Corpsethief Claw
5 Talos - 675
-5 TL-Haywire Blasters, 2 Chainflails, 1 TL-Liquifier Gun (modeled from back when they were still good and gotta be WYSIWYG).