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    Default Relocating To Portland Maine

    Wife finally found a job that she likes. After wrestling between Fort Worth TX and Portland Maine, the offer in Maine just was too good to pass up.

    While my heart is in Texas, my *** will be in Maine - so I'll need to find myself a nice group of chaps with which to throw dice and drink beers. Seems that there's an LGS outside of town a ways called "Crossroads Games". Is that the place to be around that town?

    Still haven't found a place to live yet so I'm not exactly sure of where I'm going to be around town but all options are on the table at this point.
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    Damn, just last month I was picking between apartments in Portland and Orono (2.5 hour drive from Portland). Orono won out on being slightly cheaper. Would show up for a beer and a game if I had a vehicle.

    In my personal experience, Magic seems to be the dominant past-time in Maine's LGSs, but Crossroads Games' website has Warhammer/machine, so there's probably a degree of tabletop gaming going on there.



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