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  • It's dead.

    34 40.00%
  • It's dying.

    26 30.59%
  • WotR is just being a glory hog for the time being.

    15 17.65%
  • It's still going strong, and ChaosLord127 is just in a non-enthusiastic area.

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    I think the SBG is alive for two key reasons:

    1. WotR simply cannot do (and does not try to do) all that anyone with an interest in LotR gaming would want to do. The LotR includes some really exciting battles, that gamers love to fight, but it includes lots of skirmishes too, which we also want to refight. WotR can't handle that scale, so SBG is safe as long as GW continue to produce the models.

    2. WotR seems to have some problems. I haven't played it enough myself to be very specific, but it seems from what people write in forums that there are vague patches in the rules that dramatically alter the way the game plays depending on how you or your group decides to deal with them. Until GW FAQ the game these problems will help prevent the game taking off more. The lack of a FAQ suggests that GW is not serious about supporting this game, never mind the SBG, and that is offputting to potential players. There also seem to be balance issues with some units, but I suppose that's nothing to be surprised about.

    It seems to me the best thing SBG players could do is take part in narrative campaigns (which seems to me to be the strength of the system anyway, rather than point-match style battles) that include SBG games as integral parts of the plot, along with occasional WotR games.

    I'm not very keen on some of the more recent supplements for the SBG anyway - Harad and Mordor were by and large not as inspiring as I'd hoped they would be - so if WotR diverts GW from going down the 'army book/codex' route for the SBG then I think the SBG will actually benefit.

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    The rules system is kinda neat (you move I move ect ect kinda thing) but I just don't feel like investing in a 3rd table top game and I dont like the idea of set scenarios based off of the story.

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    Wait till the Hobbit comes out. Why bother doing anything new for SBG when the Hobbit will be coming out in what? 2 years from now? I am guessing we will have a new version of SBG and have it all tie in with the movie to hype it up more.

    I have never read the Hobbit yet, but from what I hear it's more SBG than WotR so I guess there will be lots of scenarios we can do with the Hobbit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldramelech View Post
    I'll dip my toe into these murky waters.

    I'm wargamer and have been for 20 years. I first read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings in my late teens and am a huge fan. I read both at least once a year. I liked the films and have all the Special Edition box sets. In my 20 years of wargaming I have always loved GW and have played every system they've produced.

    Now with all that in mind, Ive never brought a LoTR figure or ruleset and Ive never played the game. I don't know why, theres something I cant put my finger on, It just don't look right and it don't feel right. I hate the figures.

    I don't want to get in the way of anybody else's enjoyment, if you like it, great. But if it ain't dead already, I hope it dies soon..........
    Hmm... do you not like the SBG or WotR rulesets or both? If it's just the figures that put you off then you can always use fantasy models (and there are some lovely models) with the WotR ruleset to represent the various armies of Middle Earth, you just need some spare round bases and a few movement trays. Some of the proper LotR figures are horrible but some (mostly the recent ones) are pretty nice sculpts

    And I know entirely what you mean about something not feeling right... I refused to play the SBG for a long time for exactly that reason, then I finally gave in to a friends nagging to try it and found that once I got over my "it's LotR it's not warhammer so it's rubbish" that it was a good fun skirmish game, WotR is my prefered fantasy game over WHFB which I just don't find fun to play (YMMV obviously). Once you get over the idea that the story is already told you can have some fun playing it.

    All of that said, if it's not something you like then that's fine too. I'd just say try it before you totally dismiss it, especially if you're a fan of Middle Earth as you say!
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    Default My opinion

    I dnt think it is.
    I find tht it is simpiler to play than warahmmer 40k, the rules are well presented and it offers a large range of products(not as large as 40k or wfb).
    I think it could do with some more armies or updating some of the armies already, add some ore heroes.
    I also dislike the fact tht lotr is limited to wht Tolkien wrote.
    But collecting it in my eyes is cheaper than 40k and wfb, and although i hvnt played it yet wotr seems to be fun.
    Any way thts my opinion

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    With the movies being long gone from the spotlight now, the game is totally dead.

    Maybe once and if The Hobbit ever comes out, it may see new life. Lotr had it's biggest 15 mins of fame it will ever have about 6 years ago, and War of the Ring while a nice game, is 5 years too late.

    Lotr SBG was a great game the way it was, I loved it, I had almost every piece ever made about 5 years ago, but even in its most popular timeframe about 2000-2004-ish, people still didn't play it that much locally, and it never took off like 40k and other games. It had to deal with the HeroClix/MageKnight/Mechwarrior generation at the time too, as all of the Clix games were in full steam back then too. Getting young and new players into a hobby game, one as expensive as Lotr was a loosing battle to all but the die-hard Tolken fanatics.

    Now that the movies are out of the spotlight, there are far less new Tolken fanatics to be had too.

    I hate to say it but I think Lotr is another dead GW game, like the Necromunda/Inquisitor types before it. They should keep the stuff around, but investing in continuing to make new models, and supporting it like they are at present is a loosing investment. More so in these messed up economic times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HsojVvad View Post
    Wait till the Hobbit comes out. Why bother doing anything new for SBG when the Hobbit will be coming out in what? 2 years from now? I am guessing we will have a new version of SBG and have it all tie in with the movie to hype it up more.

    I have never read the Hobbit yet, but from what I hear it's more SBG than WotR so I guess there will be lots of scenarios we can do with the Hobbit.
    I don't know the details, but that's IF and only IF GW still has the rights to Lord of the Rings and Tolken stuff by the time Hobbit comes out.

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    Yeah, I think I'm done with it... I haven't found ANYONE in my area that plays it anymore since the Pacific View Mall store closed... I think I'll be selling my LotR stuff along with my Fantasy stuff, to focus solely on 40k... might use some of the money from selling my other gaming stuff to start up some Germans in FoW
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    It is dying.
    In Ireland most people have bought some Lotr minis but i only know one <1> person who actually brings them to the local shop
    I think its a catch 22 really. They arent bringing enough new things out and the rules are convuluted (Those books for instance are extreamly complicated compared to the layout of the latest WFB and 40k 'dexs) So people arent interested in it.
    If they did a second edition Rules im sure more people would start playing it (Most people i know have a few models, not enough for a game but something like a nazghul and a box of easterlings)
    As it is it is just not fun compared to WFB and 40k


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