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    Taken from full post here:

    Here is the first of 2 Undead armies converging on Bree.
    We have some old school Black Riders from Citadel and Grenadier.
    Along with a nice new Necromancer from Reaper.
    The zombies are Mantic plastics.
    But I will be adding auxilliary metal regiments from Rafm & Harlequin.
    I already have a decent chunk of Citadel metal skellies, so my painted Undead army is coming along quite nicely.

    The moaning battle cry of Brrraaaiiiinnnnsss can be heard along the eastern roads of Bree.
    Zombies are on the march!

    This Mounted Wraith is vintage 80s Citadel Lord of the Rings.
    His code is: ME-64 Black Rider - Ringwraith
    Its nice to have some respectable old metal figures to lead these new fangled plastics.

    This fellow is Domus the Necromancer.
    He is part of the 25th Anniversary of Reaper that is taking place this year.
    Lovely, lovely figure that just oozes old school charm!
    He reminds me of vintage Grenadier D&D wizards.


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    Taken from full post here:

    Oldhammer LOTR - The Lich Queen of Carn Dum

    Here is the 2nd Undead invasion force coming from the North.

    Again, the bulk of it is Mantic Skeletons.
    They are being led by various Lich lords... and a lady!

    She is a fancy one, the Queen.
    She likes to sit on her throne, reading her favorite novel, while waving a gold plated scepter around.
    The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen!

    Pass the pub that wrecks your body
    And the church, all they want is your money
    The Queen is dead, boys
    And it's so lonely on a limb
    Life is very long, when you're lonely

    This tall fellow is Vordekai the Cyclops Lich.
    He is the sworn servant of Lucrella, who took pity on the giant cyclops and showed him kindness after he was abandoned by his father for being a Chaosy freak of nature.
    It was Lucrella who gave him his name - Vordekai.
    Hmm... I wonder who his father is?
    All that is known is that the original name on Vordekai's birth certificate is Magnus...
    Vordekai does have vague memories of his brother primarchs teasing him and poking him in his eye.
    Oh those imperial bullies!


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    Taken from full post here:

    Citadel Box Set BC7: Heroic Fighters of Known World

    Blog's 2 Year Anniversary & Oldhammer Box Set: Heroic Fighters

    Hiya buddies!
    I just realized that as of yesterday this blog has reached its 2 year anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary Moria Reclamation Project!
    May your axes be ever sharp, and your Bugmans Brew always cold!

    So, better late than never, we shall celebrate with this post of freshly painted minis from the lovely 80s box set known as...
    BC7: Heroic Fighters of Known World
    Sculpted by the legendary Jes Goodwin.

    This was the very first Citadel box set I ever bought (errrr bought for me, thanks dad!)
    I spent too many years using these figures in both Warhammer and D&D.
    Sometimes afterwards they were supplemented with the early Empire plastic halberdiers and the Men at Arms from Advanced Heroquest.
    But they were at the forefront of all my gaming as a kid.
    Well, they are back again, this time to save Middle Earth...

    We are the champions - my friends
    And we'll keep on fighting
    Till the end

    Box cover
    Oh 80s art... how I love thee.
    Im guessing this is John Blanche?
    The colors and style sure feel like it.

    Left to Right: Ulrik Ulrikson, Sir Brut, Vlad Krakhed, The Moon Duke, Lord Aquila, Gladius, Harry the Hammer, Manfred

    Lord Aquila

    I remember in my 80s campaigns, he was the scourge of the Micronauts! (action figures & comic book)
    Sure, he was smaller than them, but he had the power of Golden Armor.
    Oh, and he was always on the quest for the "Golden Axe" (video game)
    Huh... I realized my game campaigns were already zany back then too!
    Can it be possible that Ive been playing the same campaign since the 80s!?!?!
    But more importantly... will the Micronauts save Minas Tirith? ;p

    Harry the Hammer.

    This mini is the 80s remake of the original Pre-Slotta Harry the Hammer, who is the poster boy of Warhammer and was on the cover of the 1st edition White Box.
    See my post here:

    I do prefer the Pre-Slotta version, and if I can get one without selling a kidney, I would.

    Ulrik Ulrikson

    I just finished binge watching the UK TV show Utopia and this made me think of Wilson Wilson.
    (Spoiler ahead for those who havent watched that lovely lovely show)
    Ulrik is so dedicated to saving the Old World that he has carved the Nippon symbol for Rabbit into his stomach.

    Where is Jessica Hyde?


    For the rest of the post and a 2 year blog celebration:

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    Taken from full post here:

    The League of Augsburg enters the War for Middle Earth!

    The Town Crier can be heard with the latest news in the war torn lands of Eriador...

    Marienburg has entered the War for Bree!
    Floppy Hats sighted crossing the borders of Eriador!
    Sauron says Floppy Hats are for sissies!
    Social media calls for ban of all Mordor products until the Dark Lord apologizes for bullying!

    Now that Ive got your attention (and possible prepared ire)...

    Am I switching from Oldhammer to Age of Sigmar?
    No. (You can put down the rocks now you grognards!)
    Im here to announce that Marienburg is joining the war effort in Bree...
    complete with new outfits and floppy hats!

    Here comes the vanguard of the Marienburg forces.
    They feel a bit vulnerable right now without the protection of their pikemen, cavalry and cannon.
    But dont fret, reinforcements are following right behind this post!

    Churchyll, Duke of Marlboro... errr... I mean Marienborough.

    Churchyll is the sworn foe of the High Elven Cirque du Soleil King, Ludovic XIV
    The Sun King, I mean Soleil King employs a troupe of Eldar mime/assassin/performance artistes whose wave of terror has spread across the Empire. These self-styled Harlequin assasins were making snide insults about Elector Counts the Old World over, simply because they just didnt have that "je ne sais quoi". Even the already flamboyant Marienburgers werent exempt from the taunting of the Soleil King and his snobby Elven insulteurs. Many a thin-skinned noble stepped out of public office and deleted their twitter accounts from the deadly Eldar ridicule. At first there was the War of the Estalian Succession, then the War of the Hochland Succession, then the War of the... you get the picture. It was a dark time for the Empire, until the Marienburg General Churchyll beat those dastardly pointy ears at the Battle of Bad-Plaquet. The Soleil King has accepted the terms of the "No more bullying" Treaty and so far the haughty Elves have refrained from their deadly derision and settled for narrow eyed looks and upturned chins. But the Eldar, being such a duplicitous species (dishonorable according to the stunties!), no one knows how long the peace will last. The success of the campaign has brought much glory, wealth and technological prowess for Marienburg. While the rest of the Empire has languished in the (yawn!) Renaissance era, Marienburg has leveled up to the Age of Reason, complete with floppy hats!

    OK, this new and entirely silly background fluff allows me to now field the wonderful minis from Warfare Miniatures who have just opened up a US site! Cheaper prices and free shipping! For years Ive wanted to join the Imagi-Nations craze. Now I will, but it will happen in the context of my Oldhammer Middle Earth campaign world. And I really think its just an evolution that was bound to take place in the Oldhammer mythos. Bretonnia is just an excuse to use medieval minis, the Empire for 30 Years War, Kislev for Polish Lancers, etc...
    I think there was even a Roman Centurion looking mini at some point in the past. (Yup, it was a Dogs of War General, Lorenzo Lupo - Prince of Lucinni)

    The men in blue coats with red sleeves are from Oldenburg.

    They are the most grizzled veterans of the lot and like to grumble about all manner of affairs; usually about new fangled editions of wargame rules.


    For the rest of the post:

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    Taken from full post:

    Warfare Minis – More Marienburg Infantry Arrive In Bree

    Oldhammer LOTR – More Floppy Hats in Bree

    Buddies… welcome to another post.

    More Marienburgers have crossed over the Misty Mountains Pass and are headed to the defense of Bree.

    This time we got a block of pikes, some grenadiers, a general on horse, and a cannon.

    Brushing up on my Pike rules from the Dogs of War armybook, I (re)learned that Pike can strike with all 4 ranks in any combat where the Pikemen have not moved (they have been charged, or in a second or subsequent turn of combat).
    4 Ranks of attacks!
    In the first turn that the Pikemen have charged they still get to attack with 2 ranks.
    Pikes also get to strike first in any combat, despite being charged or Initiative.
    Oh, and also, each Pikeman gets an extra attack against enemy cavalry on the first turn!


    For the rest of the post:


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