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    Taken from full post here:

    Armaments Chapter 2, verses nine to twenty one

    And the people did feast upon the lambs, and the sloths, and carp...

    Today we have for your viewing pleasure... some monks.
    And a nun.

    Half of them come from the Citadel Clerics line.
    Clerics, monks, priests, men of the cloth, what have you...
    and dont forget the battle sister!

    And Saint Antila raised the hand grenade up on high saying, "Oh Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it though mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits in thy mercy."

    Here they are, ready and willing to cast some Purify Food & Drink, Protection from Evil, or maybe a Silence 15' Radius?

    Left to Right: Brother Maynard, Saint Ogg

    Brother Maynard is a monk from Citadel Code TL1.
    Thats right! Talisman - The Magical Quest Game.
    Remember, he cant use an axe in combat, but he can use it to build a raft!

    Saint Ogg is from the Citadel C03 Clerics line.

    I like how they both are in the act of blessing someone or something.
    They also remind me of japanese girls taking pictures with their V for victory hands.


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    Taken from full post here:

    Armoured Orcs Of Barad-Dur

    Crush your enemies and see them driven before you!

    We got some hard hittin' minis here.
    Uruks of Mordor AKA Black Orcs are now on the blog...

    Its proper old school minis from Citadel Code: C15 Armoured Orcs.
    They previously existed as FTO - Fantasy Tribes Orcs.
    I believe they were sculpted by the Perry Twins, but I cant find any confirmation about that.

    Here they are, ready to rumble.
    Looks like "Lord of Darkness" Wraith has come up with them from Barad-Dur.

    That one on the left has a cool helmet that makes me think of the Orcs in the old 70's Lord of the Rings animation (Bakshi with his rotoscoping).

    They look savage and beautiful!
    Its something about the posing too.
    Again, these fellas look like they would have no qualms about taking a bite or two out of their enemies (even) during the combat.
    They'd just call it appetizers!


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    Taken from full post here:

    Radagast's Moving Castle, An Oldhammer Children's Adventure Tale

    Trigger Warning! Like Jimi Hendrix said "'Scuse me while I scream at the sky..."

    Buddies, this next post is not in response to the latest GW Warhammer children's Adventure books announcement.
    OK, you got me, maybe it is...

    You know how we love to "weave in" current world events into our Frankenstein-ian patchwork narrative.
    Next thing you know, President Turin Turambar will meet with North Cathay to declare that the wargames are over!
    Then famed BloodBowl Dark Elf player of the Drowland Pistons - Dennis Rod-Elf ends up crying manly (or elfy?) tears of joy on Sigmar TV...
    Ah what a wacky world! (I meant ours, not my fiction! Did ya hear? GW is making PC children's books...?)

    OK, on to our lovely little story!
    (Somewhere Mr Rogers and Miss Molly are watching in horror!)


    (all kids chant together) Yay! Story time is here!

    Narrator: Gather round kids, and I will tell you a tale of Oldhammery times. This one is called.... anyone?

    (all kids chant together) Radagast's Moving Castle!

    Narrator: Thats right, kids! And who is Radagast?

    (all kids chant together) Worst wizard in Middle Earth!

    Narrator: He really is a terrible person isnt he? Next time we see him, we will throw rocks at his face!

    (all kids chant together) Yay!

    Narrator: So... Count Marius and his Averlanders, the Ice Queen and her Kislevites arrived in Rhosghobel - the home of Radagast the Brown...

    At the same time that Marius and the Ice Queen arrived, so did a monk, a cleric, a priest, two cultists, and a hammer-nun.

    Rhosghobel was a blue and yellow and stone grey colored Wizard's home - with an attached high tower and ivy growing 'round its windows and three green doors.

    Behind it was a great thick forest - Mirkwood, full of giant spiders and mischievous elves.
    To the left of the house was a red-leafed Weirwood Tree with a creepy bleeding face on its tree trunk.
    And to the right was a Willow Tree with its swaying branches though there was no wind, and a small pond where no animals dared to drink.

    'Radagast, come out!' they said.
    But no one came out, nor peeked out a window.

    Marius was mad. Emotionally, I mean. Because he was also cat-lady crazy insane as well.
    And the Ice Queen was icy. Temperature-aly, I mean. Because well... she did have an icy demeanor. Everyone backed away as the area around her suddenly got really chilly. Her poor horse even had icicles hanging down from its nose.

    'Radagast! We are here for the Annual North-South Potato-Sack Race Tournament! Surely you havent forgotten that?!' they demanded.
    But no reply came out and not a head peeked out an ivy ringed window.

    So they were mad.

    'We are mad!' they said.

    Poindexter, Lieutenant of Averland, spotted some people coming up the road to Rhosghobel.

    'Stop! What are you homeless people doing here? There are important things happening here and you filthy beggars arent allowed to participate!' Poindexter pointed his accusing finger at their faces.

    'But Sir, we are not beggars or homeless, we are here for the Annual Whip Your Back With A Flail For The Orphans Benefit!' they tried to reason.

    'If you arent homeless then why do you wears rags and have no shoes?' Poindexter pointed his accusing finger at their suddenly self-conscious dirty toes wriggling on the grass.

    'But Sir, we are a Mendicant Order. It is our duty to wear sack cloth and not wear shoes.' they explained.

    'What is this Mendicant?' Poindexter asked.

    'It comes from the root word mendicus, meaning to beg, begging, beggar... Umm... I guess we are beggars then." the monks shrugged and weakly nodded their heads in surrender.


    For the rest of the story:

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    Taken from full post here:

    Citadel's Fiend Factory - George The Giant

    Get in mah belly!
    Dont make me hangry!

    Fe Fi Fo Fum...
    Game of Thrones has Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun...
    the Greeks have their Titans,
    the Irish - their Fomorians,
    the Norse - their Jotun
    But Citadel's Fiend Factory has George the Giant!

    Now this blog has a painted Giant too!

    Here is George the Giant in all his grody-ness.

    Regular readers of this blog are used to the mandatory C Series Citadel Code in my posts.
    But this time I will also provide the Fiend Factory Code!

    George started with the Fiend Factory code: FF64-2
    And later re-released in the C Series under C28 Giants

    All those monsters were collated into a book - The Fiend Folio!
    My copy of Fiend Folio is still in pretty good condition.

    So, yes, for those that werent aware, Citadel and Games Workshop's genesis was tied into the early history of D&D.
    In fact, in the back of the Fiend Folio there is a list of the monsters and who created them.
    Early Games Workshop owners - Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson are listed there for a good number of the monsters.
    Ian Livingstone notably had the Grell and the Hook Horror.

    Here is the entry for Mountain Giant alongside George the Giant.

    So George is a Mountain Giant.
    And in my Middle Earth campaign, lets just say George calls the Misty Mountains his home.

    Many years ago, long before the War of the Ring began, a band of brave Gondorians had an encounter with George!

    Yes, that is Hieronymous - Fire Wizard of Altdorf, Boromir - Steward Prince of Gondor, and Gladius - Heroic Fighter of the Known World.

    I wonder what quest it was that brought together that brave band of heroes?


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    Taken from full post here:

    Oldhammer LOTR - Galadriel & Skarloc's Lothlorien Wood Elves
    Elves... heroes or villains?


    At last, those pointy eared elves have mobilized their forces.

    Here are the Wood Elves of Lothlorien.
    Rumors that the Dark Lord Sauron has moved his headquarters to Dol Goldur across the river from Lorien has reached Galadriel Evenstar - Queen of the Elves.
    And while the Elf Queen has great hidden powers of perception... she seems more concerned with events happening in Moria.
    Does she know that Frodo the Hobbit has the One Ring and is under the care of the Dwarven Kings?
    Does she fear that the Ring will fall into their stuntied fingers?
    But the Dark Lord of Mordor is close and she must shield her mind lest Sauron glimpse her thoughts.
    While the idea of the Ring falling to the Dwarves is terrible, Sauron regaining his Ring is still infinitely worse.

    Onwards to the Golden Wood of Lothlorien...

    Also, if anyone wants some nicely painted minis, please check out my eBay listings:

    And if you need some of your minis painted, check my Paint Commissions Blog:

    The Elven army emerges silently from the woods.

    They will battle the enemy... in dance!

    And here are Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers, a regiment of reknown.

    In the center is Skarloc, the hooded One, his sword has Runes of Swiftness, Armor, & Protection.
    On the left is Kaia Stormwitch who is both a hero AND the standard bearer!
    Kaia carries the group's standard, which incorporates a heart-shaped casket holding the ashes of a legendary Elven Hero, Kern son of the goddess Torothal. It adds 2 points to the unit's Ld, rather than the usual 1. Her magical dagger can cast up to three Lightning Bolt spells per day.

    Finally, here we have Galadriel and her Dryad Guards!

    If she gets ahold of the One Ring...
    "In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!"

    Galadriel: Minions! Are you ready for war?

    Ren McCormack: Milady, my Wardancers are ready to march and breakdance too!

    Skarloc: Clouds of arrows will block out the light of the sun at your command!

    Quickbeam: My leafy canopy is a bit bare, does anyone have some Miracle-Gro?


    Will the forces of Lothlorien march against the ruined fortress of Dol Goldur, fortify the Golden Wood, or march to Moria?
    And if they do march to Moria, will it be to help or hinder the Dwarves?
    As a wise Dwarf once said... Never trust an Elf!!!


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    Taken from full post:

    Oldhammer LOTR - Jabberwocks & Basilisks & Chimeras... oh my!

    War Beasts of Lothlorien Forest

    Who doesnt love forest dwelling beasts?

    Here is a bedlam of beasties...
    a menagerie of monsters...
    a trampling herd of hoofs...

    Step this way folks and let us visit the natural habitat of the war beasts of Lothlorien...

    Reminder to myself, I really should update my Oldhammer Monster Manual!

    These are all Citadel minis of course!
    Which means they are all 'eavy metal.

    The Elven beast master of Lothlorien with a Jabberwock.
    That's Citadel Code C29 Jabberwock to you!
    The beast masters job is to make sure no Vorpal Swords go snicker-snackering around his favorite pet.

    Look at that lil mug!
    What a cutie-patootie!

    Warhammer 1st Edition has this for Jabberwocks:

    The Jabberwock attacks on sight with a ferocity tempered only by a full stomach.
    A hungry Jabberwock exhibits a luminescent quality which illuminates an area up to 6" radius around the creature, making Jabberwocks easy to see.
    Unfortunately the mere sight of Jabberwock causes victims to freeze with fear...
    Throw a d6 whenever a Jabberwock is visible within 15"
    1-2 May not move this turn. Must Save vs Poison or die!
    3-4 May not move this turn.
    5-6 May move... but only away from the Jabberwock.

    So how does anyone get in close combat with it? Only if it charges you, I guess!
    On top of this, the beastie has 8 wounds, 8 attacks, can Regenerate, has a Weapon Skill of 8, and a Toughness of E (thats toughness 5 for you non old-schoolers!)

    This sly beastie over here is a Basilisk.
    Citadel Code C22 Creatures - Basilisk.

    He has that glint in his eye.
    He is planning some mischievous deed and will surely snicker when he accomplishes it!

    This figure was supplied with a random assortment of heads and body.
    There were 10 different heads and 4 different bodies.

    Arent lions dangerous enough?
    Some rogue god had to give it wings and a giant scorpion tail stinger just to mess with folks.


    For the rest of the post:

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    Taken from full post here:

    Oldhammer LOTR - Dwarf Quest 3 Battle Report Part 1

    Oldhammer Skirmish Battle Report Part 1

    Welcome to the long belated Dwarf Quest 3, an Oldhammer skirmish battle report.
    When last we left you, 3 teams of Dwarf adventurers teamed up with Gondorian Wizards to teleport to 3 islands located to the west of Middle Earth.
    This is the tale of team 3 led by Balin and Bugman, mighty heroes of Dwarvenkind.
    We take you now to the action as our doughty adventurers materialize in a bright flash of light to find themselves on a somber rocky island...

    Left to Right: Foaming Mad Furrikson, Balin, Napper, the Wizard Otto, Lobelia the Hobbit, Pickles the Master Mapper, Master Brewer Joseph Bugman, and Guts the Adventurer

    Left to Right: Pickles, Master Brewer Joseph Bugman, and Guts the Adventurer

    Bugman: My psychiatrist tells me I should have a more positive outlook on life! This place must be important! I can feel it.

    Pickles: (squints at his map) I think.... this might be Valinor! The Blessed Isle! OR... it could also be the... errr... the Valley of Ultimate Darkness? Now it says... we are in Hobb's End!

    Bugman: What is wrong with your map?

    Pickles: Ever since those Wizards came to Moria my map has been acting wierd. Then again there must be spotty reception out here in the middle of nowhere. My map is only showing 1 bar!

    Guts: I dont think this is the Blessed Isle, where are the Valar - powerful majestic angelic beings? And all the haughty hoity-toity Elves? I got a baaaad feeling about this...

    Bugman: Did George Lucas write your dialogue?

    Left to Right: Wizard Otto, Lobelia the Hobbit

    Lobelia: So let me get this straight... you are the only one with the gizmo that can send us back to Moria?

    Otto: Yes, this Portkey is our only escape, and Im the only one who can use it.

    Lobelia: Guard the wizard at all costs!

    Left to Right: Foaming Mad Furrikson, Balin, Napper

    Balin: Something whispers to me... there are fell voices in the air. Be on guard...

    Chaos Dwarves: Yes, milord...

    A tall slender woman appears before our heroes

    Bugman: Ahh, hello Lady of this lovely land!

    The Pale Lady: Welcome adventurers, you have journeyed far and are weary. Follow me to your destiny...

    Bugman: (to his fellow Dwarves) See, what did I tell you negative nellies!

    Pickles: (scratches his chin and whispers) ...the Isle of Mirdorog-Naht. Thats where we are! I dont like the sound of this place at all...

    Bugman: Nonsense, look we have a guide to escort us to our destiny!


    For the rest of the post:

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    Taken from full post here:

    Battle for the Door Of Night AAR

    The thrilling conclusion to this Oldhammer Skirmish Battle Report

    Combat begins with the fate of Middle Earth at stake.
    The forces of Evil have set in motion their plans within plans to get Morgoth out of prison!
    They must defeat Balin and use him to open the Door Of Night.

    We take you now to the action...

    With a bestial roar, the minotaur known as Ox-Roar the Chaos Champion of Ultimate Slaughter charges into the Dwarves.
    In savage melee, the Dwarves prove their mettle.

    Bugman has 3 wounds, 3 attacks and an Axe of Cleaving +1 Str and Fury +1A
    His Beer Tankard regains a lost wound per turn to either Bugman or a friend in contact.
    The Dwarves wisely decide to keep him in the center to tank those enemy attacks!

    Balin also has 3 wounds, but has 4 attacks.

    Mad Furrikson has Frenzy which gives him an extra attack but also means he has no choice but to charge enemies within charge range.

    Napper Grundin has extra point of Toughness.

    Guts has 2 wounds and 2 attacks.

    The fight with the Minotaur is a back and forth, with the Minotaur wounding a Dwarf, and Bugmans Beer Tankard healing the wound!

    In one exchange the Minotaur causes 2 wounds! So 1 wound breaks through the Beer Aura and hurts Balin.
    As the fight progresses, the Minotaur is slowly bled to death.
    But at the last, the Minotaur causes 3 wounds before it collapses in a bloody furry heap.
    Bugman is wounded, and the Minotaurs last attack... slays poor Napper Grundin!
    Balin, grits his teeth as one of his companions from the 1st expedition to Moria falls.
    Oh pot bellied Napper, we shall avenge you!

    Meanwhile, King Al-Pharazon and the Melniboneans charge into the Chaos Thugs.
    Al-Pharazon is a beast! A savage whirlwind of death.

    The Chaos Thugs are unfazed and run screaming and leaping over rocks and try to attack the Numenorean King from the flanks.
    The Melniboneans rush in to defend Al-Pharazon!

    Finally, Al-Pharazon has pushed his way towards the Nurgle Champion of Nurgle!
    Nurgle's blessing has made the Champion an extra tough nut to crack.

    The Dwarves begin their ascent!
    Climbing is an initiative test +2 where ladders are present, so of course they use the ladders!
    Falling is d3 hits at Str equal to height of all in inches. So lets avoid any unnecessary scrapes and ouchies, shall we?

    Lobelia must suppress an urge to use her broom and dust off the ladders!

    Lobelia: I dont think anyone has tidied up this place in centuries!

    Pickles: Im getting readings from in front and behind! Look im telling you, there's things moving and it aint us! Tracker is off the scale, Theyre all around us!

    Bugman: Well you aint reading it right! How long until we can expect a rescue?

    Guts: 17 days? I dont want to rain on your parade, but we aint gonna last 17 hours! Why dont you put her in charge!

    Lobelia: Why dont we build a campfire and sing a couple of songs, huh? Why don't we try that?

    Guts: In space, no one can hear you scream!

    Bugman: Alright, marines! I know we are all in strung out shape but... stay frosty! We cant afford to let one of those *******s in here!

    Dwarves: Hoo Ahh!


    For the rest of the post:


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