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    Default Gaunts Ghosts Series and where to find them.

    So I've been poking around the interwebz and been getting back into 40k after a three year hiatus, and the Gaunt's Ghosts series came to my attention. I was always interested in reading them, but never actually bought them due to financial constraints of being a poor high school student.

    Now that I have a full time stable job and am a poor college student, I looked them up again and am trying to get ahold of the Omnimbi. Good gods they are expensive! Did they go out of print or something? The cheapest I can find of "The Lost" is almost $70 used. Would I have better luck just going to local bookstore or is the internet the only place to find these anymore?

    Or do I need to actually shell out almost $300 for the full series used, let alone new?
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    The founding
    The saint
    The lost

    Though I'd also try independent bookshops, I know I still occasionally see them on the shelf when I'm browsing out and about.

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    I have the full Series I think, If you are Still Interested Toss me a PM & I can dig out what I have!
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    I have the gaunts ghosts "the founding omnibus" containing:
    first and only
    in rememberance
    PM me if your interested



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