So, as part of our campaign our DM has decided that our characters are going to be involved in a 40k battle,, our DM has prepared a gaming session and it is going to be hella fun (see below), but,, does any of you gents and gentleladies have any good ideas on how to scale the Influence/requisition characteristic of the RPG to 40k? how would you do it? how many Influence points does it cost to field, say a 1000 point army? 1000 points of influence??

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Through the Golden Gates of Gore
- A Dark Heresy Narrative Warhammer 40.000 Battle Mission

The Armies

Khorne Cult of Xlaxlaklash

Max. 2000pts Khorne Daemonkin (Primary Detachment)

Forces of the Inquisition

Max. 2000pts

Unlock Codex Adepta Sororitas = 3+D5 Influence
Unlock Codex Militarum Tempestus = 3+D5 Influence
Unlock Codex Astra Militarum = 5+D5 Influence
Unlock Codex Mechanicus (Both) = 5+D5 Influence
Unlock Codex Space Marines = 5+D5 Influence
Unlock Codex Grey Knights = 7+D5 Influence
Unlock Codex Imperial Assassins = 20+D5 Influence
Unlock Codex Imperial Knights = 25+D5 Influence

Unlock Codex Inquisition = +2 Influence

Unlock Max. 0-1 Lord of War = +10 Influence

Formation: 'The Inquisitorial Warband of Lord Nyx', cost: 0pts

1 Inquisitor Nyxothos (Infantry - Independant Character)

WS 4 BS 3 S 3 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 1 LD 9 AS 4+

Carapace Armor (AS 4+), Plasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Stubborn (Command); Prefered Enemy (Armourmongere)

1 Judge Mors (Infantry - Character)

WS 5 BS 5 S 4 T 6 W 3 I 5 A 1 LD 8 AS 3+

Carapace Armour (AS 4+), Lockshield & Ballistic Surcoat (+1 AS), Bolt Gun, Auto Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Shock Maul, Close Combat Weapon (Lock Shield), Frag Grenades

Fear (Intemidate. TFOTW, EOV), It Will Not Die (Iron Jaw), Move Through Cover (TMOTMM), Stealth (Stealth)

1 Salc (Infantry - Character)

WS 5 BS 5 S 3 T 5 W 3 I 5 A 1 LD 7 AS 5+

Flak Armour (AS 5+), Sniper Rifle, Hotshot Laspistol, Close Combat Weapon

Shrouded (Stealth +10), Split Fire (Target Selection), Stubborn (Command)

1 Octavius Gunn (Infantry - Character)

WS 4 BS 3 S 3 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 1 LD 9 AS 3+/4++ (Conversion Field)

Carapace Armour (4+ AS), Bionics (+1 AS), Conversion Field*, Chain Sword (= CCW, special, AP 4), Grox Whip (= CCW, Special)

Psyker Rank 2 (Divination, Pyromancy, Telepathy), Stealth (Stealth), The Constant Threat (May reroll perils of the warp table results)

* Conversion Field (Codex Admech Skitarii p. 76) - 4++ inv. save. If Octavius makes one or more inv. saves all units within D6" must test as if they had been hit by a weapon with the 'blind' special rule. Friendly units can reroll this test.

Formation Special Rules

'Under My Command!' - Nyx must be chosen as the army's Warlord and can roll (w. one re-roll) on Warlord Traits: Codex Inquistion (any); Command; Personal; Strategic.

'Right Hand of the Emperor' - all characters have the Eternal Warrior USR

'Inquisitorial Authority' - The 'Characters' must be joined to a friendly unit as per normal rules. Nyx is an 'Indepedent Character'

The Mission: 'Through the Golden Gates of Gore'

The Battlefield and Briefing

(Intel provided by the Pathfinder Rangers and Farseer Feyenord of Craftworld Zaluvezin to Morrinoe who passed it on to Lord Nyx aboard the Rogue Trader Pilgrim Cruiser 'Oath Unspoken'):

A heavily build up urban area, badly damaged from the wars waged between the Xaluvezin Eldar and the Cult of Xlaxlaklash though a few structures still stand intact - three long abandoned and dilapidated Adeptus Mechanicus Research Facilities.

The battlezone is dominated by a large hill crowned with the Golden Palace of the Govenor in which the Khorne Cult of Xlaxlaklash is performing unspeakable blood rites to invoke their patron.

If the Forces of the Inquisition can climb the hill, penetrate inyo the Golden Palace and maintain ground presence for long enough, they will disrupt the ritual, banish Xlaxlaklash and thereby save the Craftworld Zaluvezin Forces trapped on Helgarth IV's southern Hemisphere.

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Forces of the Inquisition deploy first.

First turn

Forces of the Inquisition goes first. Khorne Daemonkin cannot attempt to Seize the Initiative

Game Length

The Mission uses Variable Game Length

Victory Conditions

1. If the Forces of the Inquisition has any remaining scoring units left inside the Golden Palace of the Govenor, or on the mountain top the Palace rests on, by the end of the game, they disrupt the ritual and win.

2. If they have all their remaining scoring units left inside the Golden Palace of the Govenor and have completely annihilated the Khorne Cult of Xlaxlaklash they win a crushing victory, which grants each surviving DH character one roll on the 'Boons of the Omnisiah' table.

Mission Special Rules

Night Fightning, Reserves, No Special Characters

Xlaxlaklash Rises

The infernal Blood Rites performed by the Khorne Cult of Xlaxlaklash is so malificent that while the ritual goes on lava rises from Helgarth IV's core and innundates the battlezone.

Starting at the end of Turn 4, roll a dice at the end of each round. If the roll is lower than the turn number, a tidal wave of lava rolls over the battlefield. All models including vehicles, but excluding Daemons, Flyers and Zooming Flying Monstrous/Gargantuan Creatures, that are not inside the Golden Palace of the Govenor, or on top of the hill the Palace rests on, at this time, are removed from play; instantly incinerated.

Boons of the Omnisiah

A DH Character who enters and spend the rest of the turn embarked inside an Adeptus Mechanicus Building during nothing, finds one highly desireble item of use for that character in future adventures on a roll of 2+. Each subsequent turn spend inside an Adeptus Mechanicus Building during nothing grants a further roll of 2+ with a reroll.

Death of Characters

Should a character die during the battle he is immediatly reduced to 0 wounds and permanently looses 2+D5 Influence. He also cannot claim any Boons of the Omnisiah.


Victory = 10+D5
Crushing Victory = 15+D5