Did Age-of-Sigmar make you feel like gnashing your teeth and throwing your models across the room? Then Warhammer Impact is the game for you! Just see how well it meets (or exceeds!) the best parts of Warhammer Age-of-Sigmar:

  • Misuse of hundreds of dollars worth Games Workshop products - check!
  • Ridiculously long setup phase that has little or no bearing on actual game play - check!
  • Rules so simple a toddler could follow them - check!
  • Token nod to game balance - that's a super check, because this game is WAY more balanced than Age-of-Sigmar!

So if you liked (or didn't like) Warhammer Age-of-Sigmar, then Warhammer Impact is the game for you!

Try it today!


Warning/Disclaimer: Warhammer Impact should not be played by anyone without protective goggles, proper footwear and a lot of money to burn. We are not responsible for any broken miniatures, maimed acquaintances or angry shop owners. Play at your own risk