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    The PC Builder for Azyr is up as well as a new Resources tab (refer to image) which will contain all of the comp packs and campaign packs without having to remember the link.

    If you are interested in the PC Builder, save the zip file to your drive and extract the two setup files. From there run Setup.exe.

    It is advised that you set the installation settings for ALL users and that you NOT set the install directory to your Program Files directory, because windows likes to lock down that directory and prevents my updater from running... meaning as units and scrolls get added you will need to manually add the files to your install as opposed to letting my updater do it for you.

    Any issues let me know.

    Web URL is

    Tab to find these files is called "Resources" which is new and has been added.

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    Good morning Auticus,

    Regarding costs for VC Skeleton Warriors in the PC Comp / Comp...

    Skeleton Warriors are 3/10. If you add a heal banner you add 1 point.

    If I had a Skeleton Warriors unit of 30, with only 1 banner...

    *Should* the cost be 10 or 12?


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    Good morning Joe

    The answer is that they should be 12. Its +1 point for each selection if the banner is present.

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    Version 1.4 has been uploaded. New tamurkhan and chaos dwarf scrolls.
    Event clarifications added to what is summoning as well as randomize missile attacks vs warmachines. under the resources tab

    PC App files updated hopefully this weekend.

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    good work on this. a question about the dark elves - the master with battle standard (which i guess is the army standard bearer on your cost list, as can not see him listed) can also take a dark steed, which gives bonuses, so is it the same cost for both?

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    Fixed error where stormcast eternals were not costed right due to the switch to the 10 point system from the 5. Retributors, Decimators, and Protectors now all cost 4 for 3 instead of some costing 2 for 3.

    so is it the same cost for both?
    It is the same yes, the addition of the steed does not do enough to push him to the next tier.

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    Hello Auticus

    Sorry if my english isn't quite good but i'm not native. before anything, thank you for this point system as it has allowed us to start playing AoS without the problems we were having.

    Yesterday, we play tested the ruleset with three games at 20 points.

    * Caos vs Dark elves (Witch Elves) (Chaos victory)
    * Chaos vs Skaven (Clan Skyre) (Chaos victory for just one point)
    * Chaos vs Dark Elves (DE victory)

    Chaos Knights were quite decisive in the first game as they managed to crush the witch elves and the Cauldron, and Chaos Charriots did quite good in the second one. I liked how Cold Ones worked and the tactical advantage of sorcerers.

    Few things I wanted to comment you:
    * Aren't the Dark Riders a bit expensive? I have to say they are pretty cool, but 5 points for 5 sounds a bit pricey
    * The harpies weren't really great, but is hard to lower their cost as they seem more useful than chaos hounds

    I'll keep you posted on new games, as we'll soon test Orcs and Goblins and undead

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    Dark Riders have 6 attacks per model. There aren't many units in the game barring monsters or heroes that have that many attacks. The damage output that they can push is pretty gross. With being able to fire into combat a thing (3 of the 6 attacks are ranged), they are indeed worth a point a piece. A unit of 5 of them roll 30 dice on their turn for attacking.

    I think with dark riders a lot of people are still hung up on their 8th edition version as fast cavalry ... they still can operate as fast cavalry but now they can also pump out a lot of attack dice (more than almost any other unit in the game)


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