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  • Yes from a fluff perspective a Dark Eldar Titan would makes sense.

    5 23.81%
  • Yes we are hurting on the tabletop from not having one.

    3 14.29%
  • No from a Fluff Perspective a Dark Eldar Titan makes no sense.

    10 47.62%
  • No from a gameplay/tabletop perspective a Dark Eldar Titan wouldn┤t fit our army┤s playstyle.

    3 14.29%
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    Default From a Fluff perspective and a Gameplay perspective should Dark Eldar have Titans?

    Since the Tau are getting their own Titan or at least something akain to it.
    I was wondering if you look at it from a fluff perspective and from a gameplay/tabletop perspective should the Dark Eldar have access to their own version of the Titan?

    In my opinion i would have to say No both from a fluff perspective and a gameplay/tabletop perspective.

    This has to do with the way The Dark Eldar are portrayed as a raiding force in and out, before the enemy even knows you are there.
    While the titan is powerful i just don┤t see it zipping around the battlefield alongside raiders, venoms and all the other vehicles the Dark Eldar usually deploy in a raid.

    From a gameplay perspective i don┤t see the use either a titan is a fire magnet, you put that thing on the battlefield and you will see every unit of the opponent directing their fire against it.
    Now normally the Titan can take a few hits, before it becomes a problem.
    However here┤s where another problem enters, if there is one thing all Dark Eldar have in common it┤s that their armor is about as effective as wet cardboard and i really doubt their Titan would be any different.
    Now if the chase would you really want to pay the cost of a titan if it┤s something that will die in the first turn after a few shoots?
    I am thinking most serious tabletop players would say HELL NO!

    Instead what i think, both from a fluff perceptive and a gameplay perspective would be more up the Dark Eldar┤s ally, would be a formation or specialized ammunition of sorts.
    Something small enough to be carried on a Ravager and individually wouldn┤t seem like much of a threat, but once combined it would be devastating.
    Kinda like the thousand cuts metaphor, individually they are nothing to worry about but a thousand of them can make the target bleed to death.

    But that is just my opinion what is yours do you think that the Dark Eldar should have a Titan of their own?

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    The Haemonculae would surely be able to whip something up thats Titan sized. Eldar Titans are already fast so your whole speed argument doesn't really add up.

    Moot point since DE don't sell well enough for GW to make them a large kit. Pretty sure the Voidraven bombed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnEnemy View Post
    The Haemonculae would surely be able to whip something up thats Titan sized. Eldar Titans are already fast so your whole speed argument doesn't really add up.

    Moot point since DE don't sell well enough for GW to make them a large kit. Pretty sure the Voidraven bombed.
    The Voidraven bombed because they took a unit that was decent, and then made it worse with a Codex update. The model, just like the Razorwing, is sweet. The rules suck. The latest DE Codex is a textbook example of GW's marketing strategy: take what's good and sells, make it worse/the same. Take what was bad and didn't sell, make it better. Only with the DE book, they took what was good and make them bad, what was mediocre got left mediocre, and then took what was bad and made them mediocre. Almost everyone I talk to likes the DE models, they just agree the rules are bad.

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    I say yes, but not a giant robot. A GMC, like a 40K version of the Hell Pit Abomination, that has a lot of innate survivability, and lots of bad stuff in store for whatever poor fools get killed by it. Doesn't need to be a Swiss-Army Knife, but rather a scalpel that can cut out the things that give the Dark Eldar trouble: Vehicles, and High-Strength shooting.

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    I think some sort of long snakelike being would be cool like the size of the heirophants body but slithering maybe two variants one more bio-one more machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhan Land View Post
    I think some sort of long snakelike being would be cool like the size of the heirophants body but slithering maybe two variants one more bio-one more machine
    Yeah that would be cool, some kind of GMC other than a humanoid walker. Maybe some of kind of hunched over creature that walks on multiple legs? Something more organic than a dude in a really big suit.

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    Maybe not a Titan but something akin to the Manta would be most probable, and the way I would like a Dark Eldar Superheavy to go...

    But of course there are lots of ways to go:

    - a Titan for DE faction does not have to be an Eldar invention by itself, Commoragh acts like beacon for all the "living floatsam" of the Webway by all accounts, so it might be possible that other alien races come there and hire out their skills and tech, like the Sslyth do

    - while the DE repressed their psykic gift there are feats of empathic "magic" in their fluff, most notable the ability to regenerate/revuninate through the death and suffering of others - while said suffering maybe precious ressource I don't see how some crafty DE might not use it for building with some sort of wraithbone derivate (btw were did soul seeker ammunition and xenofex grenades go???)

    - the Incubi are still worshiping Khaine in a fashion, who is to say they don't have some kind of Avatar stashed away, they can awake; and considering how different Incubi are from Aspct Warriors the rules that apply tp the Craftworld Avatars may not apply to an Incubi version (the Incubi are less detached from the bloodsjed then CWE using their war-masks, so the echo of primal murderous nature of Khaine as well as the feedback to it might be greater) [note: Khaine is the entety for Divine Interventions for both Eldar and Dark Eldar in Apo]
    (btw who is to say that Adharra Reborn isn't a giant rage monster? the duels with Khadras are never fleshed out and Path of Incubi, while explaining Adharra's fate, isn't explicit about his form - a giant form might acutally work with the thematic level of the difference between Adharra (the killer) and Khadras (the patient hunter) and express it in physical terms - add to that that Adharra's ledgend is the one of the "fall phoenix in the light of Chaos", there might actually be the element of Adharra being (semi-)daemonic)

    - Speaking of godlike beings spawned from the Dark Eldar psyche: the Dark Eldar psyche is grounded through their desire to cheat Slaamesh and the eventual eternal torture of their souls, while that is very close to ultimate greed (a domain of Slaanesh) - getting just one more day of life for yourself is worth destroying others - isn't there another emotional state nearby ... not Desperation and the Fear of Death as both are domains of Nurgle ... that could apply to Dark Eldar psyche? An existential dread, spawned the existence of Slaanesh, that there is no void, no utter nothingness, no not-being for Dark Eldar anymore. That state could attract some powerful empathetic parasite, like the Medusae but bigger, to the orbit of the Dark Eldar, which like the Medusae could be made to serve
    (note: I really like this idea, it features heavily in my own Kabal's* fluff, mostly because its the reversal of the human existencial dread that there is utter nothingness - which in 40k terms would relate back to Nurgle)
    * The Kabal of Eternal Silence, former old-Eldar prison wardens who became cut-off during the fall... you can probably see where this going through the ages

    - and speaking of cosmic horrors, did we ever get to know what Kheradruakh the Decapitator was up to in 5th Ed. Dex?
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    It is a moot point to discuss really.
    While in the background DE did not lose hard in the cataclysm and are still sitting on a pile of pre-fall tech, they do not even manage to twin link their weapons.
    In a society of murderers and keenly trained murderer soliders a craftworld potter with a shotgun is equally trained and moves even faster.
    The Voidraven in DE society is only a dreaded weapon because in the entire millenia of kabal warfare nobody bothered to "invent" an anti-air gun.

    So no. No titan for us as we are the Eldar whacky sidekick cab drivers.

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    Dark Eldar are not soldiers, they're raiders. Titans are weapons of war. You cannot enslave someone who's been stood on by a titan.

    Additionally, large scale destruction is bad for raiders as it removes stuff that could be stolen. Precision damage is the go. Haywire is awesome, as it leaves the target and crew intact to be picked up later. Strength D? There's nothing left to loot.

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    Void Mine? Scatterfield Missiles? Doesn't let you loot a whole lot of stuff either.
    Also if your target is heavily defended you need something to break these defence. You are not like "oh... ok.. I guess we just go home now and forget about that".
    The current solution is: "Wait a second I call our pansy cousins to crack that door open"


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