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View Poll Results: Should GW do to Slaanesh what they did to the Squats?

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  • Yes: Slaanesh is too mature.

    1 1.61%
  • Yes: Slaanesh was sleazy in a bad way.

    4 6.45%
  • Yes: Slaanesh's models were bad.

    1 1.61%
  • Yes: As long as it's replaced.

    2 3.23%
  • Yes: Slaanesh was just too 80's to live.

    2 3.23%
  • No: Slaanesh was cool!

    6 9.68%
  • No: Slaanesh represents a mature aspect of the game I value.

    12 19.35%
  • No: Slaanesh may be dumb, but it's pat of the game's heritage.

    2 3.23%
  • No: Slaanesh is too critical to the fluff

    27 43.55%
  • No: I hate retcons on principle

    5 8.06%
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    Horned Rat doesn't really fit in the four, because he has aspects of some of the others already - Tzeentch and Nurgle, with an undercurrent of Khorne for the Warlord clans (well, a bit). I'd like the Skaven to be their own distinct thing. A Morathi or whatever switch could be a neat way to keep a Slaanesh-like god but refine their identity and aesthetic a bit, if they want to do that.
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    Look at the symbol in Thanqoul end time book at the bottom of a lot of the pages... Its the same thing and everyone knows skaven has officially joined chaos.
    i think Id be actually sick
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    I think I know the image they mean, and it isn't the same at all. Could still be true, but that isn't 100% convincing.
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    I'd be sad, and it'd be a real blow to what little sense and credibility remains in 40K's background anymore. At the same time, Slaaneshi is treated very poorly anymore, focused mostly on lazy quasi-sexual winking jokes, ugly "fey" stereotypes and, of course, boobs. The whole idea of desire and bizarre excess is wider than that, and Slaanesh can be the creepiest Chaos God when done right - this piece of older art's a great example.

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    Link isn't working.

    But if it's that pic of the big fatty boom boom, the one with the Klan style headgear, then yes!

    Slaanesh = Excess.

    Excess does not mean boobies, tallywhackers and lady-gardens.
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    link is starting with "http//" instead "http://"

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    Oh, shoot, doesn't seem to work from an independent link. Here, this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not quote what you were thinking of, but I appreciate that old mini, too. Also, yes, excess. Slaanesh is the Hedonic Treadmill given warp form - urges always being sated, then coming back and needing more. More eyes to see with, more mouths to taste with, more...well, everything. Think Hellraiser. The socially-acceptable bounds of pleasure-seeking (ie. da boobiez and other current Slaanesh foci) are the sort of things that sit below the very first step on the Slaaneshi road to ruin.

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    It's more Hellraiser 3, Hell on Earth. When Pinhead is no longer bound by the laws of hell, following the demise of Leviathan

    Consider what Fabius did for/too the Emperor's Children. Enabled them to see better, hear better. Sensory upgrades enabled them to take pleasure in far, far more things. And that's what Slaanesh is about.

    For instance - there's a box of Donuts on my desk. We got them from a colleague the team helped out massively. I did an excess of work - out of a target of 160 each, and a team target of 1,200, I walloped through 300. So already, just by my efforts and desire to be the best, I just fed Slaanesh a little sliver. I've had two donuts already this morning, when arguably I should have stuck at one. Little tidbit goes to Slaanesh.

    Now, were I a Slaaneshi follower, I'd have probably scoffed all the Donuts, pleasing Slaanesh in a very non-kinky way.

    All night gaming sessions on your favourite game (Arkham Knight for me at the moment) - that's excessive. Slaanesh loves that. Especially if it's more than one night in a row and leads to sleep deprivation. Had a weekend long gaming sesh, and still went into work early doors despite only three hours not-very-good sleep? Wow. Burning the candles at both ends (next week, I'm scheduled to work 11am - 7pm. Only the latest I can get in for due to existing travel arrangements is around 7:50, so 11 hour working day because I'm not normally one to twiddle my thumbs when I could be sorting out complaints) now you're really rocking the Slaaneshi vibe.

    And all without fleshy bits being exposed etc.
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    I think a better more layered (and contempoary-accessable) metaphor would be Sorcesese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" ... both in terms of reception of the teasing content and the actual content
    I mean compare this trailer to the actual move ... almost the same relation between the slaaneshi models and fluff content of Slaanesh

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    a day without Slaanesh

    is like a day, without sunshine


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