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    Default Yaum La Machine's WFB showcase thread

    A thread to show some of the Warhammer Fantasy models that I've painted.

    Starting with the most recent commission work : The UNIKHORNE!!! (Chaos is Magic!)

    Client had a really special/weird request on this one. Very, very fun project to paint (I was smiling all the while :P)

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    This is amazing. I applaud you.

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    Herald of Tzeentch on disk

    Khorne Cannons

    - - - Updated - - -

    Doom Diver

    Rock Lobba

    - - - Updated - - -

    Squig Herd
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    Tarvax (Mierce MIniatures), count as Doombull
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    Wow. OK. I'm impressed, and amused.
    Is it still "fluff" if it is filled with xenophobic genocide? I sure hope so....

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    Old school Lizardmen lives on!!!!

    (Well, the Bastiladon model is not that old, but the bright green flock and goblin green edges are pretty darn old style GW :P . As per client's request)


    Saurus hero on Cold One

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    I love the fact that you have rainbow colors on the unikhorne.. it adds a lot of dark humor, and I'm all for it! good stuff, mate!



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