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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    I stick mine on in the car on my Saturday commute. Or on the very few occasions I've got the brushes and paints out.
    On the ride to work, I ride public transit, and if I try listening to something (or even watching something), I tend to doze off. For painting, I'm painting too much attention to realize what's going on, so the only thing I can listen to with a story is TV shows or movies I've already watched (like Starship Troopers), or just enjoy some dubstep or symphonic metal. I think my brain is too chaotic. :-P

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    I know that when I was listening to the Dreams in the Witch House audio book I was working and doing other things, so I missed parts here and there.

    My solution was to just loop it. After a bunch of listens I had the whole story memorized

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    And OP updated for 'Prisoner of the Black Sun'.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    Copsys Bule is back in the fourth part of Call of Archaon.

    Downloading it now to read on my commute home.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    Updated with Knight of Corruption.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    And now onto Hammers of Sigmar.

    So far (Chapter 3) it's all written in the first person, which is a change.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    First story done, and it's a corker! Going to finish up the second story, then update the OP.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    OP update with Hammers of Sigmar.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    And for my next entry? Trial of the Chosen, part 5 of the Call of Archaon.

    Currently watching Terminator Genisys, so will likely read it tomorrow.
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    Order Battletome: Seraphon

    What's it all about?
    The new Lizardmen codex and how they have changed. Approximately half and half rules and fluff.

    Who wrote it?

    Who does it feature?
    Seraphon very prominently, of course. Slaaneshi daemons, a combined Skaven (specifically Clan Pestilens) and Nurgle daemon teamup, and a three army allied battle with Stormcast vs Khorne Bloodbound all have feature in a several page story with accompanying scenario. Nurgle worshippers and Vampire Counts have short (several paragraph) fluff stories. Orruk, Tzeentch worshippers and Skaven have brief mentions or cameos.

    Overall theme?
    Slaan remember the Old World and are determined to utterly purge Chaos and disorder from this one. There are hints they don't actually care who is left in charge as long as the new rulers are sensible and well ordered; at one point they rescue a bunch of Orruks who were about to be overrun by Skaven. The non-slaan forces have been strangely twisted by the star magic and seem to only partially exist.

    Points to the future?
    Dracothion was directly involved in rescuing the Seraphon from the void. Slaanesh is most definitely missing, and hir forces are tearing about the Realms searching for hir. The Nurgle human worshippers are called 'Rotbringers'. There is quite a bit of art featuring Tzeentchian daemons, including a sorcerer that doesn't quite match existing models. According to the art, some of the Khorne Bloodbound have gone and stolen helmets from the 40k berserkers.

    Worth a read?
    If you have a particular interest in Seraphon, definitely. There is a reasonable chunk of stuff for Chaos in general that might be worth borrowing to read if you're interested in them. There are hints and snippets of some realms not really introduced in the fluff yet, but nothing worth grabbing the book for if you dislike the scalies.
    Kabal of Venomed Dreams


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