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    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    I know it's not just being mean-spirited, the destruction of the books is a way to get back some return on unsold products. But it would be better for them and collectors/players if they could find a way to sell them off a reduced price. I'd bet a lot of people would snatch them up at $20. I'd even grab some at $25 (and likely will, since that's probably what the cost will be at Chamblin's). That's almost certainly more than the write-off is, and earns some goodwill, which is also pretty valuable.

    Heck, the article you link to even points out that hardcovers are typically sold at a reduced price before they move to destroying them. That's why a lot of bookstore chains have reduced price sections where they have books at a ridiculously low price, i.e. $6-$10 for a normally $50 and up book. If they can still make money, they'll do it. (Also funny, the court case linked to in said article seems to suggest that the practice of destroying books is really just a way to cheat the tax system, because without doing so, they wouldn't be able to write them off, being that they aren't defective and could still sell for more than the price of production.)

    The biggest problem, though, is that selling items at a reduced cost, even as clearance, would contradict with the message of "premium" products that demand "premium" pricing. The image clashes with what they want people to think of them as, so they can't sell off products at reduced price to make back money. I'm not sure how they're getting around the cost of such an idea, unless it's just so cheap to produce things that they feel they can eat that loss. That's pretty much what they do with White Dwarf and Visions, where you can find unsold copies tossed unceremoniously into a dumpster at your local Games Workshop, no attempts to tear covers off or anything. It's seriously so cheap to print them that throwing them away doesn't set back the profits.

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    Trouble with the link is that it's US law, where GW of course would be UK. Just there as a general pointer!
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    Yeah, but I'd think the UK would be less okay with cheeky attempts to skirt the tax laws.

    God knows, when I try playing the UK in Democracy 3, I can never find enough funding to do all the programs people want. :-P

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    Still seems like a waste to me. Like all the food that gets chucked out by supermarkets because it has passed its best before. They can't sell it, but if starving folk take it from the bins, it's stealing. Go figure.
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    Almost every business out there destroys old stock rather that reduce the price and flog it, when its food and there are starving people out there, its one thing. Books for a silly game, its just another of those weird things that happens when you have capitalism.

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    Still on the fence about this as I have only now started getting into Fantasy. I have a box of Warriors of Chaos Battalion unassembled and could go either way. Very tempted to get the hardback 8th edition codex just in case.

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    GW have never 'deleted' a ver 5 with 40k, or 6th fantasy. Whyare GW just 'forgetting' about fantasy?


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