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    Default First time player AoS Lizardmen Saurus Host weapon loadout help!

    Hi all,

    I am a long time lurker and first time poster, ive always dabbled in wargames and had a 40k force knocking around but never made the jump to Warhammer Fantasy. I have loved the look of the Lizardmen for a long time but felt they were isolated and had little reason to fight anyone, now with the new fluff and free rules I have decided to dive right in!

    I am looking for help with starting with a Aos Lizardmen Saurus Host (Using an Oldblood and the Battalion box to start me off).

    To start with I will be fielding the below to get to grip with the rules and wanted to know what weapons etc you guys would recommend me using.

    1 - Saurus Oldblood
    3 - 10 x Saurus warrior regiment (1 will be Temple Guard count as)
    1 -8 x Saurus Cavalry regiment

    Any recommendations to how I should start with arming these guys keeping in mind I plan on increasing there ranks in the future.


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    That's a good starter force to get to grips plus the cavalry is strong. I highly recommend a Slann next and Chameleon skinks. Those little guys are brutal. Slann get you into the magic game proper and can bring in units via summoning and they'll enjoy the company of your temple guard. In regards to what you want to equip them with, that's really up to you and you may need to get in a few games to try different options to see what fits your play style. Lances are great on cav. but you gotta be sure to get the charge in. I typically go hand weapon and shield on the saurus troops because they get a decent save from it. You're off to a good start.
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    Thank you for the help Kaboomzi, since your post ive gained a Stegadon/Engine of the gods (2nd hand now magnetised) 20 Old Archer Skinks, 15 Old Saurus Warriors. So my battalion Skinks are being converted into Chameleons and ill be adding the Skink Patrol warscroll force next (an excuse for some Ripperdactyls) and I agree a Slann is needed so have a bid on one atm. Thanks again!

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    Have a good look through the Warscrolls.

    I'm not an expert of Lizardseramenphon, but generally AoS does offer various synergies.

    You can of course field an army without worrying about them, but they're all very much worth a look. Trogolodons for instance. Their roar can be brutal against the right foe, and the perk for them gobbing venom onto an enemy unit is useful.

    At the moment, the game is in such early days I've not really been able to come up with much more advice!
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