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    In the formations sections of your warscrolls... In the organization are those keywords or the names of the warscrolls? It make a huge difference. Whether I bring an avg assassin or sniktch... A warlord or queek... Some armies have an option like you can bring a chaos Lord or a chaos Lord on demonic mount or chaos Lord on manticore... Curious your opinions...
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    I think it's meant to be the specific warscroll. You can ask your opponent whether they're okay with you swapping out, though.

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    I read it as warscrolls... But it's almost as if they had different writers for different armies...
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    The formations are specific warscrolls, not keywords. They're as such for balance reasons.

    Example: Furious Brayherd

    Now, Gorthor is a beastlord, but the formation is with an unnamed beastlord and great bray-shaman because Gorthor is much stronger.

    Also with these unnamed hero units in the warscroll, you can personalize them, name them, and suddenly it's not a furious bray-herd. It's YOUR furious bray-herd!

    It's much more narrative when it's not Sniktch, but your assassin, that you name and recall his victories and defeats! Maybe he springs forth to fight an exalted hero of khorne? Maybe he's beaten back by a group of ogres which he over-eagerly rushed at? I feel like they're pushing these formations as building blocks for armies, for example you take a formation and then a few support units, but the core of your army would be a formation.



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