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    Well I play at my local GW (it's the closest FLGS, and it's the only one that's reasonably close and readily accessible, my clubs that I reference are many hours away these days gotta visit them soon for some events :P ) and what AoS seems to come down to, just like other GW systems, is taking someone else's fun into your own hands. Taking responsibility to ensure both players enjoy the game.

    No comp packet will ever do this for you, no matter how much people try. Yes wound systems can be broken, but every other comp pack can similarly be broken. Wounds work as a light, fast, guideline for providing fair armies for people to fight each other with. Comp systems try to balance and equalize every army, and ultimately fair. Sure even with wounds there are more efficient units and less efficient units, but you can't tell me that comp systems don't suffer the same issue, they just slightly change the definition of what makes a model more efficient.

    What people really need to stop doing is pointing to a rulebook or a comp packet and saying, "but I'm allowed to do this", "it's in the rules!"

    If you're going to spend time and money travelling to a store or your friend's basement or a narrative campaign event, you shouldn't be playing to field an army of Bloodthirsters and Dark Riders so that you can try and table everyone by turn 2. The other person spent time and money to play a game with you, so you should respect them. They're humans who love your hobby, they share your passion for miniature dudes and just because you can stomp them into the ground doesn't mean you should. You should try and have fun with your little dudes.

    It's worth noting that I'm not against comp packs, comp packs are definitely necessary for tournament play. They're useful for pairing two strangers together and letting them fight with the agreement that the game won't be balanced, it won't be fair, but by entering the tournament with the knowledge of the comp pack they accept that the opponent will be trying to abuse the units he has available.

    I do however take issue when people say that age of sigmar needs to be fixed, by its design and rules it's not broken. Everyone can take whatever war scrolls they wish to field and nobody is prevented from doing anything. However the rules tell you that it is your responsibility to have fun, which people mistake for thinking there is no "balance," when they really mean they want guidelines to bring fair armies. If you're working with your opponent to bring fair armies, I have found, that it's simple to count up wounds and agree to fair forces, you shouldn't agree to pit 10 warriors of chaos against 10 dark riders, but you don't need to crunch point values that don't line up with unit performances anyways.

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    I primarily run and play in public events, so what you are describing works great for smaller groups but does not work for public events.

    If I try to run a public event with your suggestion, there may be 2 or 3 people that show up to play it. If I run a public event with the comp packet I wrote, we have around twenty players that show up to play it.

    Points and scenario restrictions also allow me to create actual boundaries so that if I want to write a public scenario that is about a skirmish battle between a handful of forces, that someone doesn't show up with a blood thirster or Nagash, who have no point in being in the scenario.

    Players respect boundaries for the most part. If they don't like the boundaries - so be it. They won't play in the event and thats fine, there's never going to be an event that caters to everyone just like there will never be a ruleset or comp pack that caters to everyone.
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