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    Default 8th Ed Army Books.

    Was told by the dude at my local GW that the Army books will be in stock until the beginning of September then its bye bye. So for those of us sticking with 8th Ed. or just want them for the fluff, get in and grab 'em.

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    Why pay full price for them at GW whenthey're going to be unsupported and prices are dropping like rocks on ebay?

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    So are they actually still available now then? In store or online?

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    If you ask in store and the shop has them in the back, they're allowed to sell them to you for now, they'll be destroyed (covers torn off etc) at some point in September I believe, but until then you can get them if you ask .

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    I would consider picking up a few I don't have, like the latest lizardmen book.
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    They're still up on the Apple Store.

    I recall a rumour GW can't remove them without people's downloaded copies being deleted automatically? I dunno like, just something I read in a thread.
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    I don't know if it would delete them automatically but if you needed to download it again you couldn't

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    I'll probably get them through the local used book warehouse as people turn them in, or maybe the FLGS that sells used books (has a great copy of the Dark Elves book for $14, but I already got one from a friend getting out).

    The sad thing is that all the books that don't sell by their deadline will likely end up having the covers destroyed, and then tossed in a dumpster. They could at least offer them on a clearance area of their website and try to make some money before trashing them.

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    Or even give them away for free if folks pay postage. Or at least recycle them. All far too sensible suggestions to warrant any consideration though.
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    Given away free if folks pay postage is a loss of money for them; destroying the books is not.

    Selling them for a discount would let them get back some of the money, and make some players (customers) happy. The only potential hitch is if someone in management thinks that doing so might cause people to not buy into AoS 100% (though the kind of person who'd be swayed by that is already likely not buying AoS products). Also, they might not have a clearance section on their website... which they probably don't want to bother developing because it wouldn't be used that often.


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