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    Post Harlequins in Space Hulk

    Ok Space Hulk enthusiasts, this is a special treat for you all that a very generous fellow has come deep out of pocket for, and is willing to share with you free for the love of the game.

    Here are the complete rules for Harlequins in Space Hulk, coming directly out of Citadel Journal Issue #2 - ultra rare.

    My own Harlequin Troupe:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There are a couple clarifications I want to make for it.

    1) A 'Hand Weapon' means a sword, axe, claw, or the Harlequin's Kiss. It does not mean a pistol or shooting weapon of any kind. So, for Harlequin Defensive stance, only those with 'Hand Weapons' can use it.

    2) In the 'Quick Reference' section, they list the Defensive Stance as costing 1 AP. THIS IS A TYPO and is correctly contradicted in 2 other places in the rules which state that Defense Stance costs 2 AP's!

    3) Las pistols and Shuriken pistols CAN NOT SHOOT DOWN DOORS. Only a Plasma pistol can destroy a door.

    4) A Harlequin given a Solo order MUST engage in one Close Assault during his 9 AP's (so he cannot shoot his only target before he gets there if he has just one target), and can not end in Overwatch or Defensive Stance.

    Enjoy Space Hulk & Harlequin fans!
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    I recently completed painting of my Harlequin Dreadnought. I'm still working on rules adaptations. Hope you enjoy!

    Click image for larger version. 

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