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    Post ELDAR in Space Hulk

    Space Hulk wouldn't be complete without the Eldar, so here you have it!

    Rules for Eldar in Space Hulk direct from Citadel Journal #5:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The GW rule-set is a little bit in need of some repair as they left a few holes and open ends - I assume they were under deadline pressures.

    For one, the Eldar Farseer's psychic rule-set's relationship to the standard Genestealer psychic card set wasn't explained in any detail. Many questions were left open - Do Eldar psykers get any psychic protections? What would keep a group of Eldar from getting totally wiped out by standard psychic powers? What is the effect of standard psychics on Eldar troops? Can Warlocks serve any function besides being a puppeteer for Wraithguard? And many more questions that needed answers to fully play this faction.

    So, our house decided that Eldar psykers should be integrated into the standard psychic rule-set as well, and we included Farseer as a playable model. This way Warlocks could serve some purpose besides controlling Wraithguard, and so that the Farseer or Warlocks wouldn't be wiped out in the first psychic battle they came into every game (without force protections).

    We experimented with a new and 'upgraded' Eldar psychic card set that is similar to the original, and decided the Farseer could utilize both systems (as indeed, they are not incompatible, just not readily compatible or balanced). You can find the revised (and much prettier) psychic cards at the end of the document linked above.
    See the Thread on Psychic Rules for more in depth explanation.

    Best way to print them out is at your local printers, on the highest quality color paper they have. Then use a spray adhesive to join them to a decent quality backing after carefully cutting them out. Be sure to file rough edges. My set turned out nice!

    See next post for Eldar Force Points List including rules for Eldar Guardians.

    Do the Craftworld and Ancestors honor!
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    Post Eldar force list unit cost & guardian rules

    Here is an *unofficial* supplement to the Citadel Journal #5 Eldar in Space Hulk.

    Included are:

    - Force List Unit Point Costs for Eldar (left out originally due to deadline pressures I'm guessing)

    - Rules for Guardian units as well.

    Great for Space Hulk players who want a fair and balanced point allocation set for Eldar.

    ***This document was updated March 8, 2012

    Changes include:

    Revising the rules for Platforms

    Document layout

    Protect the Craftworld!
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    Post Eldar are dainty!

    For anybody that has been playing Eldar in Space Hulk, you know that they have a pretty rough time of it against Terminators.

    For one, many Eldar die on a 4 or 5 for a Terminator shooting a 2D6 Storm Bolter.
    Also the Shruiken Catapult or Pistol have just 1D6, and only kill a Termie on a 6 first shot, so chances are the Eldar is going to bite it.

    This is especially considering that Eldar have no Command Points, though they generally make it up with most units having 5 or 6 AP's with free 90' turns. However, this still doesn't let them take any reactions during the Marine phase, which since the Marine's can do with their CP's they have another edge up.

    This means that Eldar should be necessarily cheap in points cost, as they will take many to defeat the few.

    Eldar can hold their own against marines in Power Armor, but Eldar vs. Genestealers is another challenging scenario. A Genestealer's Force Point list is available in another thread for pick-up games. Harlequins do especially good against Genestealers, as they can bring their Close Assault skills to full bear, unlike against Terminators where they usually wind up as Hulk jerky.

    Just add in a lot of crates, rubble, and barricades so that they at least have something to duck behind once in a while.

    Feel free to share any exceptional techniques or tactics you have developed using Eldar in Space Hulk, and enjoy the battle!
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    Default ELDAR in Space Hulk

    Space Hulk is also a better game than 40K. Youll find rules for the various other races and units around the traps, too, so you can easily expand the game beyond Terminators vs Genestealers.

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    Post Harlequins in Space Hulk

    Harlequins have their own thread, but I noticed that it is not getting much attention on its own. Perhaps it is a better addition to this thread, as Harlies are part of the Eldar toolbox.

    Here are the complete rules for Harlequins in Space Hulk, coming directly out of Citadel Journal Issue #2 - ultra rare.

    There are a couple clarifications I want to make for it.

    1) A 'Hand Weapon' means a sword, axe, claw, or the Harlequin's Kiss. It does not mean a pistol or shooting weapon of any kind. So, for Harlequin Defensive stance, only those with at least 1 'Hand Weapon' can use it.

    2) In the 'Quick Reference' section, they list the Defensive Stance as costing 1 AP. This is a TYPO and is correctly contradicted in 2 other places in the rules which state that Defense Stance costs 2 AP's!

    3) Las pistols, bolt pistols, and Shuriken pistols CAN NOT SHOOT DOWN DOORS. Only a Plasma pistol can destroy a door.

    4) A Harlequin given a Solo order MUST engage in one Close Assault on an enemy model (not doors or crates) during his activation (9 AP's - and he cannot shoot his only target before he gets there if he has just one target), and can not end in Overwatch or Defensive Stance.

    Enjoy Space Hulk & Harlequin fans!

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    Post Using Warlocks & Wraithguard

    For those of you who regularly use Eldar in your Hulk games, you will have noticed that some of the rules are not explained very well (again likely due to a deadline and/or lack of play-testing).

    After several games and many re-reads of the rules, the I will do my best to clarify exactly how Wraithguard and their Warlock controllers work together.

    Warlocks have 5 AP of their own. Warlocks start the game with 1D6 Psi-points stored in his Witchblade, and receive an additional 1D6 Psi-points per turn. At the end of the opponents turn, any unused Psi-points (beyond the 6 that can be stored in the Witchblade at full capacity) are lost. This means that a Warlock will have a potential maximum of 12 Psi-points to use for his own, and the Wraithguard's needs during any turn.

    Using Warlock AP to control a Wraithguard does not necessarily ''activate' the Warlock model.

    For example, if a Warlock issues orders using 2 of his AP to tell a Wraithguard to perform actions before the Warlock has taken any other actions himself, he will be able to use the remaining 3 AP's to perform his own actions when the Warlock is 'activated' at the discretion of the Eldar player.
    However, if a Warlock is 'activated' by the Eldar player first, and uses for example only 3 AP in his own actions, then the Eldar player must either commit the other 2 AP's to the Wraithguard or lose them (as he cannot switch back to the Warlock after 'activating' another model such as a Striking Scorpion).

    Consider these AP's put into the Wraithguard 'bank', which will be drawn upon when the Wraithguard model is activated (however, the AP's must be designated as any of the actions listed below).

    Only when a Wraithguard model uses its own AP's it is considered to be 'activated'.

    A Wraithguard has 4AP's which it can use for movement only, and it needs a Warlock to do any of the following actions:

    1. Fire Wraithcannon
    2. Initiate Close Combat
    3. Open / Close doors
    4. Go on Overwatch

    Warlocks may issue any of these orders to any Wraithguard within 12 spaces using either Psi-points, or his own AP. Thus, if for example the Eldar player wants his Wraithguard to Move & Shoot (forward) 4 times, it will require BOTH that the Wraithguard use its full allotment of AP (for the walking), PLUS an additional 4 points (Psi-points or AP) from the Warlock (for the shooting).

    If the Warlock is able, the Wraithguard may be ordered to continue to perform any of the 4 actions listed above for as long as there are points to spend (but the Warlock may NOT grant the Wraithguard additional movement - they are slow & lumbering tanks essentially).

    Wraithguard Overwatch & Close Combat

    In order to go on Overwatch, a Wraithguard must be given the order by a Warlock within 12 spaces (previously covered). For each 2 points the Warlock spends (Psi-points or AP), put one Overwatch token by the Wraithguard. For every Overwatch shot the Wraithguard takes, remove one token until they are depleted.

    What if a Wraithguard is engaged in Close Combat while on Overwatch?

    This is a situation that is bound to come up, especially when fighting a Genestealer horde. Here's how it works best:

    Let's say that a Wraithguard standing one square back from an intersection has been given four Overwatch orders (represented by 4 stacked Overwatch tokens) by a Warlock at the cost of 8 points.

    Now, a 'Stealer hiding around the corner pops out, and steps directly in front of the Wraithguard as it rushes in to attack. Naturally, the Wraithguard is allowed an Overwatch shot, but the Eldar player rolls a 3 and misses the 'Stealer (Wraithcannon kill everything on 4 or higher using 1D6). One of the Overwatch orders is removed, leaving the Wraithguard with three remaining.

    The Genestealer now engages the Wraithguard in Close Combat, but the result is a tie ('Stealers roll 3D6, Wraithguard roll 1D6). Under normal rules, Overwatch is lost when engaged in Close Combat.
    in the case of Wraithguard, only one Overwatch order is removed
    , leaving two remaining in this example. The Wraithguard must now take an Overwatch shot (as a result of the Genesteler's action in its LOS & Fire Arc), this time rolling a 2, another miss. One more Overwatch token is removed, leaving one remaining.
    The 'Stealer now makes his 2nd attack, rolling higher than the Wraithguard and potentially killing it. However, a roll of a '2' is made on the Wraithguard damage chart, which leaves it unharmed (tough cookie!) The final Overwatch token is removed, leaving no more to shoot with. The 'Stealer now makes his 3rd attack, but this time the Wraithguard manages to roll higher than the 'Stealer and squashes the bug with its mighty wraithbone fists (lucky Wraithguard!).

    This is much more than was ever explained in the Citadel Journal which contained Rules for Eldar in Space Hulk, and I hope these examples and clarifications help you get more use and fun from using them in your games.


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    Post Revisions for Platforms

    On playtesting, some changes were deemed necessary for the rules to using Tripod and Grav-Platforms, including an adjustment for some point costs.

    Operating the platforms has been simplified and clarified.

    Link to revision:


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