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    Default The Empire in Age of Sigmar

    Hi guys,

    I'm not sure if this has been answered elsewhere, but in ages past I had a sizeable empire army which was retired 4 editions ago.

    I'm getting back into Fantasy now (as a long break from 40k) and am having fun painting stormcast eternals.

    However, there are a few current 'gaps' for me that I would like to fill with empire based conversions (demigryff cavalry, steam tank, Pegasus captain etc.). For looks rather than rules;P

    But in doing so, the fluff section of my brain shakes its beard and is confused. Does an Empire still exist in Age of Sigmar? Or are Empire and Brettonia 'free peoples' scattered hither and yon in settlements and seiges? Do they still follow Sigmar? Can he call on them? Are the 'normal' humans in sigmars realm? Etc.

    There probably aren't answers to any of this yet, but if I've missed something I'm happily educated!


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    There's a lot of people living in Sigmar's realm and those people would be the ones who are the most like the empire. They've had thousands of years of peace to maintain and experiment with black powder and other technologies . They've also had time to develop social structure under sigmar's shadow, for even a god-king busys himself with things other than the day to day life of men and women.

    There's nothing really in depth about these forces yet, but if anyone still has siege tanks it will be the free people living in Azyr.

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    I see, well that's promising



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