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    The problem with selling GW games outside of hobby stores (GW or LGS) is the lack of support that turns someone from a kid buying a game in a box into a hobbyist, the painting lessons, the people to show you how the game works, that harms retention, the more people buying from somewhere where they're likely to get a good intro to "the Hobby" as a whole, the better.

    X-Wing and boardgames don't have this hobby aspect and so they work well in other stores, with a GW (or other hobby wargame) you need paint, glue and more, while the newer GW boxes work ok without this as they have clip together models that not strictly need gluing and some, like Infinity or DZC give you a battlefield and terrain in the starter set, its still not a complete experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grimmas View Post
    I've had a slow day so I've been perusing the Annual report and guess what revenue INCREASED in North America last year, note I didn't say profit I said revenue so despite what's being touted on t'internet it seems like they're doing better in the good ol states (in fact it went up in Oz and UK retail as well).
    Trade got a small boost (while retail took a small hit), but it's hard to know the reasons for that without more data. It's interesting to see that Europe more than wiped out that gain, though.

    They're focusing more on the US. The jobs site showed a lot of listings for new stores and new positions at their Memphis HQ. The number of new locations is bigger than might be expected. They're bringing in people to try to push sales to toy and crafts stores. The local manager got called up to be a "retail consultant" (yeah, they should listen to him, that guy knew how to get sales). So they're putting a lot of work in. If it doesn't pay off, that'll be more signs of trouble.

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    It no surprise continental Europe has been their biggest sales area for some time and it's deep financial trouble and the Euro is badly devalued. The other areas seemed to be slightly better than last year. Until the Eurozone fails it's going to be a problem. They should be trying harder in the USA there's obviously massive potential over there but we have discussed that before.

    The net increase seems to be around £1.25M (4% ish)or so that's not so bad and if I was being a little naughty I'd suggest the reason was people buying more stuff.
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    No, they went down another 4%.
    Sales dropped as well (retail and trade). Mail order increased... doesn't seem odd as a lot of stuff went direct only.

    Most of their operating profit came from exceptional items & royalties (getting from -3% to +25%)

    So no, ppl do not buy more stuff (or at least they buy more "exceptional items") but they handed out licences like candy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charon View Post
    No, they went down another 4%.
    He's referring specifically to North America numbers, not overall.

    Their biggest problem with competing in North America is that they almost certainly won't change their vitriolic attitude toward FLGS's and online stores, but that's where people in the US (and likely Canada) do most of their game shopping. If you're screwing over their stores (and also preventing competition in pricing), it makes it hard to gain a foothold with American gamers.

    The sales bump might have been from the End Times series, it likely helped as I saw a nice bump in people buying and talking about fantasy stuff here. (Locally, at least, it didn't last... the moment rumors about WFB being replaced popped up, sales dried up, and they aren't picking back up with AoS.)


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