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    Default Blood Angels Storm Raven Conversion

    Thought I'd post my conversion of the Blood Angels new transport the Storm Raven. It is mostly built from
    the IG Valkyrie model. I used some plasticard but most of the kit is the Valkyrie. It is a work in progress,
    Any input, suggestions welcome. Also trying to figure out what type of crane/grapple to use for the
    Drednought that is going to be located behind the hull.

    I decided to keep the model around Valkyrie size cause GW tends to keep their transports small. In my second version I might change the cockpit to something more similar to the Thunderhawk canopy.
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    the inside if the tail section needs to be filled in. I agree a TH cockpit might look a little more marine.
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    cool I might nick this idea looks just how i imagend it !!
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    I really like this conversion better then the others so far displayed. The only thing is the cocpit. I just think a (forget what its called, the typhon landspeeder from forge world) would look just amazing on this conversion.
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    I have to agree that this is the best storm raven conversion i've seen. well, the one i've liked the most. nice work

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    Thanks, I am trying to figure out how to mount the missiles, I will probably use the pods from the whirlwind. I am also trying to modify the nose section a bit so that I can use a magnetized assault cannon or laz cannon for it. Heck of a vehicle for the Blood Angels, for 200 pts. it is cheaper than a landraider and more capable. I think the cheese factor is off the scale, can't wait to get this baby finished.

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    Thought I should share the latest photos. I added twin linked laz cannon on the front of cockpit. Also attached whirlwind missiles on side to represent the anti tank missile this vehicle carries. I also added another entry point at the rear of the model since according to the codex it has 4 entry points.

    I am pretty happy on how it looks so far, I am still trying to figure out a proper grapple, crane for the dreadnought for the rear of the vehicle.

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    Of all of the Storm Raven conversions on here so far, yours is my favorite. Not only does it look good, but it looks totally diffrent than anything else.

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    I particularly like this conversion because the front exit is so prominent. As an assault ramp, I had envisioned something very similar to this. In adition, both the lascannons and the missile launchers are very well placed, again, very much the way I had envisioned the Storm Raven.

    Just out of interest, what kind of stand, if any, are you planning to use for this? The Valkyrie one seems too high, imo. Again, I thought the Storm Raven would come hurtling in just inches above the combatants so something lower, but not as low as say, the Land Speeder stands.

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    Looks ace, I gotta agree with catalsyt2 on the front exit and assault ramp. For the Dread Clamps magnetizing them would be cool.
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