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    Default I need some advice with the bloodreaver's when doing there unit.

    Okey so I have the 20 bloodreavers from the starter box and I got the new box of 20 bloodreavers I now have a model count of

    2 Chieftains
    2 Hornblowers
    2 Icon Bearers

    17 Reaver Blades
    17 Meatripper axe

    Now reading the part in Description
    A unit of Bloodreavers has 10 or more models. Some units of bloodreavers fight with reaver Blades, while others prefer to use Meatrippers Axes.

    As looking on the GW website via the pictures a unit can consist of mixing and matching them and looking at the models of the chieftain hornblower and icon bearer they cant use meatripper axes so if you can olny have one or the other you could never have the chieftain hornblower and icon bearer with them.

    So my question is can I mix and match the weapon types within the unit? (yes my army is clan based hence the names)

    Clan of Khornes Madness
    1 chieftain
    1 hornblower
    1 Icon Bearer
    5 Reaver blades
    12 Meatripper axe

    Clan of Khornes Prowess
    1 chieftain
    1 hornblower
    1 Icon bearer
    12 Reaver blades
    5 Meatripper axe
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    RAW no you can't mix weapons within a unit, the warscroll descriptions clearly state that units are outfitted the exact same

    However if you talk with your opponent and they agree you can definitely mix weapons, just make sure it's WYSIWYG so it doesn't get confusing to remember which guys have which weapons

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    nah I wont talk to my opponent into bending the rules for my needs ill play as intended of the rules as I have always done thanks for clearing that up its not a big deal just have to make khornes prowess the reaver blades and khornes madness the meatripper axes but I guess when the chieftain/hornblower and iconbearer attacks they use the weapon profile of the reaver blades correct cant make them use the profile for the gaint axe if they don't have it I always follow the rule what you see is what you get because there is so much book keeping already in the game.

    Thanks again for clearing that up NSC
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    Those who judge without reason are no better then the things they judge.

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    There are a few units that do seem to be allowed mixed weapons, so check your warscrolls carefully, but most indeed say that 'some UNITS are armed with...' - so the requirement to take the same weapons is imposed by the warscroll, nothing in the 'BRB' about it.

    Also, I understand that some people have been running two or more units mixed in together - spearmen surrounded by swordmen or things along those lines. So, even if you can't mix within a single unit, nothing stops you from taking two units mingled together (the different weapons will allow you to distinguish who is part of which unit).

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    Well so far I have 3 clans made now

    Clan of Khornes Aegis
    +Exalted deathbringer
    +Blood warriors

    Clan of Khornes Madness
    +Meatripper axes
    +Chaos Shrine of Khorne

    Clan of Khornes Prowess
    +Reaver Blades
    +Chaos Shrine of Khorne

    still working on the other units in my fluffy army
    Those who judge without reason are no better then the things they judge.



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