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    Default Question about starting Yu Jing

    Hello, I am thinking of starting an Infinity Yu Jing army and have a few questions.

    Is there really only 1 Tiger Soldier Model?

    I like the look of the model and I'm thinking a group of 3-5 would be nice, but I only see 1 model. I am a long time converter, but I mainly have 40k, old Warzone, and other assorted models in my bits box to work with. I don't think the scale comes close enough to Infinity to work.

    Are all the models in the Imperial Services Sectorial Starter pack able to be used in a "vanilla" (am I using that right?) Yu Jing group?

    I prefer my sci-fi models to wear helmets, so the normal starting set puts me off a bit.

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    Hey mate,

    Welcome to the game

    Let me adress your first point, the Tiger soldiers: Currently they are in the middle of a resculpt using the new digital method, the Boarding shotgun has already been released but the spitfire weapon load out is on pre-order and will likely be in stores within the next week or so.

    This covers the two most common tiger soldier loadouts hence its release first, However if you wish to run more than two without the trouble of duplicate sclupts you have 3 viable options.

    1) Buy 2 of each sculpt and swap the arms of the second pair, they should line up relatively simply. This is good if you want to run paired spitfires and Boarding Shotguns.

    2) Grab the older models. Tiger soldiers have been a Yu jing staple for years and the old models are good, trawl Ebay and stockists to see if you can find any of them. The style is different to the new sculpt but a unifying paintjob is always good at minimizing the clash between new and old inifinity models.
    As an added bonus look for the old Ko Dali sculpt if you would like a bit of history.

    3) Convert: grab the current scultps and the desired weapons from the Yu Jing Spec-ops weapon pack or Cho Konnit (on the official forums) get out the clippers and go to town.

    As to your second question

    YES, all the models in the Yu Jing range are available to the vanilla faction, therefore you can use the ISS starter. Just check the AVA of the troops in the box as they are sometimes different between the main faction and sectorials (who typically get more)

    And as to the helmets, the Yu Jing Spec ops model comes with a Helmet, I know that Cho Konnit (see above link) offers the helmeted heads for sale individually, it would then be a simple exercise to convert whatever models you wished to be helmeted instead.

    I hope you enjoy the Human Sphere
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