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    Default +1 Bravery for every 10 models in a unit

    I've watched several battle reports and don't recall this rule ever being used. But, I also rarely see over 10 or 20 models in a unit in those reports I guess...

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    Also when piling in move toward the closest enemy model? This rule is strangely restrictive and not used in any of the battle reports as most people tend to wrap and flank around enemy units. If all models have to move toward the closest enemy model there will be awkward bottlenecks often. Maybe it's designed that way to force tactic and strategy in the way you deploy and make your charge moves? Or it may have been written that way for simplicity? What do you guys think?...

    How about "you may make a 3" pile in move for all models of a unit within 3" of an enemy unit. If the model starts a pile in move within 3" of any enemy unit, the model must end the pile in within 3" of any enemy unit. Furthermore, If the friendly model starts a pile in move within its melee range of an enemy unit you must end it within melee range of any enemy unit. Otherwise, the pile in may be in any direction. By exclusion, this means you may elect for any or all of the models to stay in place, or "hold their ground" for the pile in move."



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