What Warzone40k does? We draw, print and deliver mats for such wargames as Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Chain of Command, De Bellis Antiquitatis, Lord of the Rings, Fogs of War, Bolt Action, Battlefleet Gothic, Dust Tactics, Warmachine&Hordes, Infinity, Rackham Confrontation, Malifaux, X-Wing Miniatures Game, X-Wing Armada, Mercs and a lot of other games.

Moreover, we design cards and boards for table games, make mats and any other design projects.

How did we started? For several years I was fond of board games, constructed terrain and painting miniatures. One day I started my own big battle board project. I knew everything about building houses and ruins, rocks and trees, but main problem was to make good base for all of it. I decided to use modern technologies for this problem.

What I need? Big 72”x48” base. How can I make it? To print! Large printers today can make up to 3 meters wide images. Moreover, it can be printed on high quality PVC. This material is so hard to damage that my first printed mat is still alive!

So, my first table for wargames was ready, it was more beautiful than I expected. One fellow from another board games club saw my battle board with printed mat and asked me to print another one for him. “No problem” – was my answer. That is how our project “Warzone 40k” started in Russia in October 2012. After 3 years of work, in 2015 we opened our worldwide website, where you can buy battle board for your wargame, look through our photos and watch video to know evething about our mats.

If you are making your gaming table for wargames or just trying to find a way to make your game more atmospheric – than you will find a solution on our site!