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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome internet traveller.

    I hope you find the Bell of Lost Souls Lounge to be a great place to kick back and enjoy some great conversations regarding your favorite hobby.

    By all means, read the terms of service, which include the posting guidelines. In general, we strive to be a center of reasoned discussion without devolving into some of the madness that forums can often become. I'm not going to burden you with a byzantine list of bylaws and infraction points.

    Instead just know that we have a great mod staff who are as firm as they are fair.

    Just relax, have a good time, and be courteous to your fellow poster, even if they are not extending the same to you. And remember, no chairs! Enjoy the BoLS Lounge.

    After 5 posts you gain access to:
    -Uploading to the Gallery
    -Posting in the Trading Bazaar +++NEW+++


    -The Girl

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