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    Quote Originally Posted by Auticus View Post
    So I'm wondering what armies are next for AoS.

    I'm reading the novels and notice that the Stormcast are searching for the dwarves. They also get into some battles with the Tzeentch Faction.

    Could it be that Dwarves and Tzeentch are going to be seen soon?

    I'd love to see the aesthetic they put on both of those factions. I'm also afraid i'd buy all the tzeentch stuff lol.
    If anything it will be the realm of metal next involving both the dwarves vs Tzeentch because in the old world tzeentch as one of his primary winds of magic was infact metal and dwarfs well they love there runecrafting.
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    Looks like Archaon is coming out swinging, riding a new and improved Dorghar, who has shed the form of a Horse, and gone for full-on three headed flying deathmachine....

    I for one, am excite!
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsc View Post
    Well mystery, given how 40k has entirely shifted to "sell everyone a knight" I imagine fantasy will have a similar treatment.

    Someone upstairs likes the idea of selling expensive kits which have high design cost, low plastic cost and a high pricepoint, and you specifically like the idea of buying expensive kits, so I guess you're in luck

    I predict lots of dragons and demons to come! Where's the not.
    They are doing that with each faction to have a center piece model stormcast got theres khorne and nurgle got theres undead have theres and next is chaos undevided.
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    Those who judge without reason are no better then the things they judge.


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