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    Default Bolt Action question(s)

    Evening all,

    For those of you who know their Bolt Action, which army has the most plastic miniatures as I'd prefer to not have to use too many resin/metal models?

    Also is there an army best suited for beginners?

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    Played a bunch of it a couple years back. Fun game and a neat way to play, however their abysmal customer "service" was the nail in their coffin for me, but that's neither here nor there.

    Yes they make a few kits for getting inot it easily. Pretty affordable, warning tho, they only had 5 poses or so (could have changed since I played!). I got REALLY good with a hobby knife and gluing. Made some shotgun wielders and some kneeling guys to spice it up.

    I don't think it matters what army you go with as its such a cut and paste system (not an insult at all, its a great system as I said) that all the armies are fairly balanced in a normal fun game. You can min max the crap out of it if you are one of THOSE but you don't need to for an enjoyable game.

    The rulebooks are a nice size and well laid out.

    Model count is aboot half of what you would need in 40k. Tanks can gobble up points, not a fan of their resin/metal combos but they get the job done. I believe you can also play exclusively with tanks if you get an additional ruleset.

    All in all, if yer a Brit you will be fine, if you ain't good luck on getting the model, personally I would try to buy thru an FLGS so you don't gotta deal with them directly.

    My biased opinion, hopefully you have better luck than I.

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    Oh I have a shop near me that sell Bolt Action boxes, I'll be buying from them.
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    Good man.

    If u wanna keep model count low go with Germany, you can gobble up points on awesome tanks

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    Is this legal?

    Veteran Infantry Squad
    - add 5 more men
    - add 2 machine guns
    - add 8 assault rifles

    Or should it be "add 6 assault rifles" because the two guys helping the gunners are essentially part of the machine gun?
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    You have a ten man squad.
    Two guys get MGs.
    Two guys become loaders.
    So you can only use 6 assault rifles.

    I mean, most likely you could buy the loaders ARs, but they will never use them

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    Okay thanks, means my two infantry squads both get a forth panzerfaust :P
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