Hello !
I want to share an idea for a dwarf army for AoS using the Azyr composition.
Recently i put my hands on some old dwarf miniatures from WFB 6th editions never painted and i tough to reuse them in the new game.

I decide to give at the army the theme of a forgotten dwarf clan lost in the mountains that have forgot the use of the gunpowder (since in the collection i only have as ranged models same crossbowman, a Bolt-thrower and a Catapult )

So here my list for a 20 pt Azyr game:

1 Runelord 1 pt
1 Engineer 2 pt

1 Bolt Thrower 2 pt
1 Grudge Throwers 2 pt

15 ironbreakers 6 pt
15 Warriors (great weapon and shield) 3 pt
10 Crossbow 4 pt

Thanks for any advice!