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    Default Inspireing your army layout using a fluff theme

    I have been hearing people are having issues over no points finding it hard to make a army but I have a idea in a very fluffy format but using various templates from the big campaign books how about designing it in such so far this is what I currently have.

    (General) The Mighty Lord of Khorne
    For the glory of Khorne !!!

    (Combat wing) Exalted Deathbringer
    (Chosen of Khorne) Bloodwarriors 1 unit of 15
    We are Khornes chosen few it is us who demands who is worthy of Khorne's wrath and who should not !!!

    (Worship wing) Bloodsecrator
    (Icons of Khorne) Khorne warshines 2 units
    (Priests of Khorne) Slaughterpriests 2 units
    (Acolytes of Khorne) Skullreaper 2 units of 10
    (Followers of Khorne) Bloodreavers 2 units of 20
    In the Honour of Khorne we follow, Blood for the blood god skulls for the skull throne !!!

    (Cavalry wing) Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut
    (Cavalry) Mighty Skullcrushers 1 unit of 6
    Hitting them fast and hard before they react First blood always goes to Khorne !!!

    (Beast wing) Bloodstoker
    (Beast) Khorgorath 1 unit of 3
    They hunger like Khornes thirst for blood and skulls !!!

    (Siege wing) Hellcannon 2 units
    Rain Brass hellfire on them all show them the errors of there way !!!

    War council
    Head of the council : The Mighty Lord of Khorne
    Adviser of Worship : Bloodsecrator
    Adviser of the Front : Exalted Deathbringer
    Adviser of Support : Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

    Hope this inspires you to do something similar.

    I was going to get the new Skullgrinder unit with some Wrathmongers but my wallet really cant take much more at the moment haha anyway there most likely going to be the warbands forger's wing as by there fluff the Wrathmongers are murdersmiths and they would be lead by the Skullgrinder.
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    Definitely pretty dope how you set that up with the different "Wings". Kinda makes me think of the way the Air Force deploys mission packages to the Area of Responsibility. You don't always need all the packages together... but when they do come in together, they build synergy and are force multipliers! Very creative idea you got there. Maybe I could suggest adding the additional theme of getting a wing of allies involved, maybe even from a different faction than Chaos? That could add some cool dynamics, no?

    on an aside... I dropped into my local game store this week- They are putting together a little AoS day next month and they weren't going to allow Chaos and Death, or Order and Destruction, ally up. I thought that was kind of weak! Gorkamorka and Sigmar were once allies! couldn't they set aside their grief for a battle to combat some vampires and Chaos and take back some Orc homelands?! eh... Aren't those kinds of restrictions supposed to be what AoS is trying to avoid? haha idk sorry to rant on your build post anyway... It's a well thought out nice build. Keep it up!

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    possibly with daemons I was thinking as a ally.
    Those who judge without reason are no better then the things they judge.



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