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    Intruders tonight.

    Kind of home invasio thriller, but not as you might expect.

    It's pretty cool so far
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    how do they get in? intruder window...
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    This Cosmic Horror short ain't too bad, the creatures are a bit hit and miss for me but generally liked it :
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    I can't believe it's taken them this f**king long to do

    H.P. Lovecraft’s influence can be felt in countless writers, musicians and artists who’ve followed in the “weird fiction” exemplar’s footsteps, but the author’s work has rarely been directly adapted. Bleeding Cool reports that this may soon change, as Legendary TV is said to be answering the call of Cthulhu and creating an anthology series based on 16 of Lovecraft’s best-known works.

    Per the report, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Dan McDermott will serve as producers on the show — the first to receive the Lovecraft Estate’s blessing — with a pilot script from Matthew Francis Wilson. Key stories being adapted include “The Call of Cthulhu,” “The Shadow Over Insmouth” and “The Dunwich Horror.”

    Much of Lovecraft’s fiction concerns mankind encountering knowledge and/or beings that far surpass our understanding as mere humans. (If you’re wondering how to pronounce “Cthulhu,” don’t bother — it’s unutterable by human tongues.) No other details on the series are presently known, but if done properly it make for an arresting viewing experience.

    ill of course be skipping the rubbish "call of cthulhu" since cthulhu is a piece of utter trash and should not exist in the mythos. otherwise, TOTALLY Excited Hope they do the dunwich horror and shadow over innsmouth well. I want my full on cosmic horror creatures.
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    The Witch.

    Period horror drama thing set in the colonies. So far, so nicely understated. Also nice to hear non-US accents, given the era.
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    Yep. It's superb. Quite slow burn, very understated, but very very well made, especially give it's the director's first serious big film type thing.

    Seek it out!
    Fed up for Scalpers?


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