Watchful I Studio proudly announces that it will be opening its webstore to the public at 12pm EST on December 7, 2015. We are very happy with our first range of miniatures representing the Warring States and Qin Dynasty period of Ancient China. This is a unique period in history because of the formation of the Great Wall, the establishment of a unified China, and the infamous Terracotta Warriors. We are presenting a full range of historic soldiers ranging from infantry, cavalry, chariots, and officers but what makes our 28mm miniatures unique is the inclusion of a fantasy range as well. Reanimated Terracotta Warriors, the guardian Fu Dogs, and the vanquished foes of the Dynasty are just a few releases we have designed.

Our webstore will be opening during the fulfillment of our Kickstarter so our Backers will be sent their orders before we send out any other customer orders. This is our way of respecting the pledges that helped bring our product range to life so please be patient in the early stages of our launch.

We look forward to serving you and watching those ancient Chinese armies on the miniature battlefield.

December 7th, 2015 at noon EST -

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