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    It's written by ADB. :P
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    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychosplodge View Post
    When Sanguinius didn't join him. Throughout the series the suggestion was Sanguinius was a genuine alternative contender for the position of warmaster, so was at least as good as Horus in theory, and then the loyalists had the big E as well...
    It's notable that with every other primarch they assumed they'd be getting the Legion too - and in some cases getting the Legion was the main attraction, because the primarch was uncontrollable plan-ruining bug**** crazy *coughCurzecough* - but with Sanguinius they were willing to forfeit getting the Blood Angels in exchange for getting Sanguinius. It's debatable how effective the Blood Angels would be if they were still loyalist and having to fight their primarch, but that's still a LOT of power to pass up for a single prize.
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    That certainly suggests they were genuinely worried enough to want him removed from opposing them.

    I mean Russ is depicted as the Emperor's enforcer, and all the other legions are depicted as almost wanting to go toe to toe with the wolves.

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
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    Guess I should weigh in....

    For me, it was Angron.

    Specifically, when Angron headed planetside. Yes it was arguably the most reliable way to ensure no survivors - that anyone survived the virus bombing means a further 'Ripley' probably wouldn't cut it.

    Not only did this cost the Renegades precious time, but resources. Far too many resources. Given Horus had been planning for a while (how long escapes my memory), and had been careful to place certain Legions out of position, and funnelled fresh materiel to his allies, Angron's assault mitigated that somewhat.

    It was of course far from the final nail in the coffin, but it was certainly the first and most important one. If memory serves, it meant those Legions who followed up knew there was an open rebellion in the offing.
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    SPOILERS (although this whole thread is spoilers). How do you do spoiler tags?

    Angron also then went on to waste a load of time on Isstvan V blowing off steam chasing Corax (which admittedly wouldn't have been a waste if Corax hadn't been miraculously rescued) then proceeded to waste more time massacring a few random planets on the way to the Shadow Crusade just because he needed more blood, then was a total loose cannon in the Shadow Crusade, although at least it was helpful at that point.
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    The Path of Heaven mentions it, and actually talks about the golden throne. As the White Scars are attempting to get back to Terra, Arvida sees the host of Chaos attempting to get into the Imperial Palace through the webway, and the army is so large, the White Scar fleet is diverted to a different location.

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    Been reading one of the anthology novels, and it contains a very short story about Hoerus chatting to Ferrus' head, ruing that he was forced to launch his rebellion with the Primarch's that were largely damaged or demented - and with hindsight to the beginning of my thread, that was probably the most important.

    After all, like Father like Son. Astartes tend to follow in the footsteps of their Primarch. So if your Genefather is damaged or demented, so will you be to varying degrees.

    Those who remain loyal tended to be exemplary - even Russ was a genuine hero, albeit one with a bloodier history than say Guilliman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    For me, it was Angron.
    So what you are saying is Angron is to Horus what Ney was to Napoleon. In both cases Angron and Ney thought they knew the threat better than their commanders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaric View Post
    This. Thanks for saving me the time to type it out Isstvan was just the first in a long series of small little foibles that all added up in the end.

    I wish Skrall woulda killed Horus. Favorite character.
    Who the FOIK is Skrall???

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    Ok, feel like I missed a lot here, as I don't get some of the references, and I am up to date on the books
    What is the significance of Horus at Molech (What/when/where is Molech?)
    I thought Horus started losing as soon as his super-saiyan arrogance was ignited in the fever dream on Davin, or when he started listening to Erebus (where the hell has he been since book 2?) BUT, the Emperor did not help the issue, by unexplainedly withdrawing from his sons to create the opening in the webway that Maguns promptly fooked up in his hubris.
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