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    Unhappy Using OOP Models in Tournaments?

    Dear Sirs and few Ma'ams,

    Do your local friendly GW store or other tournament organizers usually allow the use of older out of production GW (Citadel/Iron Claw/Marauder included) models to be used in tournaments?

    I have nothing against buying the new stuff, as I pretty much buy every IG model made. But, I have hordes of old original Imperial Guard/Army models that have not seen action outside of my private abode and I'm itching to let them see the light of day.

    The lascannons, grenade launchers, plasma guns, thudd guns, sentinels, combi-weapons, lasguns, tarantulas, and flamers (etc...) barely resemble anything used today. Additionally many of the ancient Guard models had been issued autoguns instead of lasguns, even though I believe they had the same stats.

    I've mounted everyone on 5th edition legal bases and even gone as far as to write on the front of the base what the weapon is.

    Am I wasting my time trying to bring my most beloved despite often poorly sculpted GW models to a tournament because I won't be allowed to play with my toys?


    PS. How about using old Squats as Imperial Guard troops?

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    I think you're fine. To my understanding, a GW miniature is a GW miniature no matter when it was made. I've actually been to several tournaments where people used older models. (Including one where I fought a very nicely painted triple Land Raider list, all of which were old style.)

    If you're really concerned, talk with the store owner/club manager. I can't imagine they'd really say no...
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    Well at GW Tournamnets here in the UK the line is:

    As long as its a GW/Citadel miniture it's perfectly fine, as long as you tell your opponent what they are if they are not sure what it is.

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    Chronicle and Marauder were absorbed into Citadel, and Iron Claw was a Citadel subsidiary to begin with. So you should be fine.
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    I've seen tournament organizers ban older vehicles because of their smaller size and LOS issues with the terrain they have mostly because of Old Ork Trukks (making it a blanket ban to be unbiased). They have never banned Infantry models though.
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    I've seen abuse of the OOP-Rule in tournaments !
    For instance using the smaller older (horrible looking) Demon-Prince and claiming cover, same goes for the old beware before opening OOP-Rules for each model...

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    My local GW frequently pesters me to bring in my ancient relics, such as old Land Raiders and Dreads, to mega battles so you should be fine.
    The only issue with using squats is that as they are shorter LoS may be a problem for some players who may feel you are getting an advantage.

    But if in doubt, as everyone has said, just ask the organiser.

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    I should hope they wouldn't ban old GW models- they already ban anything non-GW so why put even more restrictions on what you can and cannot buy (ok, they're not ACTUALLY telling you what you can and cannot buy, but if you want to attend these things, you agree to limit yourself in terms of what you can bring). If GW made, GW made it.

    I've never had any real issues using my old OOP Rhinos and Land Raiders in store tournaments- just given grief by the redshirt telling me to buy the new stuff :-|

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    I've never had a problem using old models. Usually the only reaction is "Oh cool! I haven't seen that model in ages."

    Smaller or larger models come with a set of advantages and disadvantages, and they usually balance out. My old razorback is smaller, which means it's easier to get cover. It's also lower to the ground, which means it's harder for me to trace LoS from my lascannon and my opponent is more likely to get a cover save. The smaller footprint means that it's easier to surround with enemy models to destroy the guys inside, and there is less leeway for disembarking models. I usually consider it a wash.

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    I'd rather face off against OOP models than proxies.
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