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    Captain Allister Caine is by far my favorite warcaster. Who better embodies the awesome world metal, magic, gears, and gore better than Cygnar's own Epic Warcaster/Gunmage? When you play as Caine you feel like a true master of the Spellstorm Pistol. His enemies can't hide from his aim, he can shoot enemies resistant to magic spells ,he teleports, and he can pump you full of so many rune bullets you explode. Not to mention he is his own master, but still maintains his loyalty to his kingdom. The essence of Warmachine is the bond between the characters and the Jack's they make war with, the gunmage takes this further as he is also shares a spiritual connection to his weapon. Allister is a master of both...not only can he control the massive engines of war known as Warjacks, he himself is also a dealer of death...and lead.

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    Default Victoria Haley

    My favorite caster is either version of Victoria Haley. She's a good caster to play but what really sells her are the sculpts. I play her and I like it

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    Damn, hard to pick. Since I'm going Cygnar, I think Haley is probably the less "boring" of their warcasters.


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