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    Default Giant Apocalypse Game...Three Continents

    If this is not ok...please just let me know.

    A Worldwide Narrative 40k Apocalypse Event Hosted By Alamo Gamers
    December 5th, 2015 • St. Josephs Society Hall
    420 E. Caesar Chavez • San Antonio, Texas 78204
    A 40k narrative Apocalypse event is an incredible experience-It is like writing your own 40k fiction with your friends and then playing a massive game to see how it all ends! The Alamo Gamer tournament organizers (or TOs for short) will create the base background narrative and allow the players to fill in the blanks.
    “The Donovan Apostasy: Ashes of Port Maw” is the latest in a series of connected narrative Apocalypse games stretching back over five years by Alamo Gamers. Last year, players from the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States fought over the fate of Port Maw – the Gothic Sector’s most vital naval base. Unfortunately for the might of the Imperium, Chaos and Xenos forces captured Port Maw and left many of the nearby systems vulnerable. Anarchy and desperation fill the sector, and a new series of worlds once protected by mighty Port Maw are now within the grasp of the Imperium’s enemies. We look forward to seeing what you add to the story!
    For those unfamiliar with this type of event, it is important to note that this is NOT a tournament. It is an opportunity to gather with old friends and new to celebrate our hobby with beautifully painted models, fellowship, and an exciting narrative story! All we ask is that you invest as much energy into helping your opponent having a good time as you would for yourself. Overly-competitive, argumentative, or rude players may be asked to leave.
    Spaces are limited and players come from all over to play in this worldwide event. If you are participating in the Texas event, send $25 dollars via Pay Pal to [email protected]. Please list “Port Maw Registration” in the message and include the army you plan to play.
    This event is also an opportunity to support our community – we will donate the proceeds of the event to charity – this year we will support the Clarity Child Guidance Center (Clarity CGC). Clarity CGC exists to transform the lives of children and families. They are the only nonprofit mental health treatment center specializing in children ages 3-17 in San Antonio and South Texas. Their inpatient and outpatient programs include a range of services including crisis stabilization, psychiatric evaluations, and ongoing therapy. Please visit their webpage for more information:
    We encourage our international friends to benefit a charity of their choosing.
    All current codex armies, formations (including those from Apocalypse battle zones), Forgeworld armies, Chapter Approved White Dwarf armies, and armies listed in any current Imperial Armor book may be used.
    If there are more than one codex, the most current set of rules MUST be used. You must have a copy of the rules to field any apocalyptic unit/formation/super heavy. Any other units/formations must be approved by the tournament organizer (TO) 14 days prior to game day. Send to Dan Norris, Thomas Morgan, or John Bailey (via IM or post on Port Maw FB page) All decisions are intended to ensure everyone has a fun experience.
    Players will need to bring a minimum 3,000 point list. Larger point values are allowed-ask if your opponents are interested when table assignments are set. All units (including vehicles, swarms, etc.) except flyers and swooping monstrous creatures can claim and contest objectives. As with all Apocalypse games, there are no rules for force organization and ANY army may ally with units from the Inquisition codex in alignment with the background story. Otherwise, you may NOT bring allies with the “Come the Apocalypse” designation.
    We encourage you to strategize ahead of time with the other players! Nothing better than beer and burgers with friends to hatch your evil plans...and celebrate your crushing victory!
    Victory Points (VP) are used by the a Tournament Organizers (TOs) to not only assess which side is winning, but to reward players with special abilities like activating Strategic Assets, returning destroyed units to the table top, etc. There are many ways to earn VPs; pay attention to the rules below to find out how!
    To date, we have played with 100% painted models. While painted armies are encouraged, we will allow primed and unpainted armies to play. The main battles will require 100% painted due to photos and video battle reports. As a general rule-similarly painted armies will play against one another. We will not have someone's Golden Daemon quality army play against a hastily-glued unpainted horde.
    Additionally, fielding a painted army will help your allies significantly with extra victory points. All painted/flocked will earn 3 VP per side, mostly painted and flocked (i.e., 80% of models are finished/based) will earn 1 VP and anything less than 80% painted/flocked will receive -2 VP. Additionally, TO reserves the right to award any army an additional VP for extremely well painted armies, extensive conversions, and cohesive themes.
    TOs will award VPs to players who contribute background stories (Fluff) on Port Maw and Alamo Gamers FB pages. Background fluff is a great way to add flavor to the game, incite rivalries, and create awesome gaming memories with your friends. 3 VP will be awarded to those who submit background stories about their units, how they relate to the battles, etc. The TO reserves the right to offer those with exceptionally detailed or compelling stories a bonus VP. All stories must be posted on Port Maw FB page at least a day before the event to be eligible for points.
    There will be Secret Missions! We would tell you more about them...but they are SECRET! All players will receive a sealed envelope with their secret mission on game day. Achieving a secret mission is worth 2 VPs. Any player who shares their secret mission (with enemies or allies alike!) prior to accomplishment forfeits any points they would have earned. Loose lips sink ships, fellas!
    Players are encouraged to post photos of their army on the Port Maw FB page before November 7th. All players who do so will receive an additional 2 VP. The purpose of this is to showcase the models, organize the tables, and match opponents. There may be some last minute shuffling, but we will do our best to have your opponents and battle finalized well before game day.
    Players who help set up tables the night before game day earn 2 VP. This is designed to keep things organized and allow people to immediately get in the action the next morning. Plus--you will need every VP possible, suckas! 😉
    VPs will be awarded each round for secured objectives on each table. All models except zooming flyers & swooping monstrous creatures can claim objectives. Nearest model claims, if tied, the objective is contested. Each table quadrant will include one objective worth 2 VP and the center of the table will have an objective worth 5 VPs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Each objective increases in value one VP each battle round. (So, for example, in turn three the quarter objectives are worth 3 VPs and the center is worth 6 VPs). This represents the escalating desperation of the battle! All VPs earned at a table determine the fate of the world being fought over. These results ultimately determine the victors of “The Donovan Apostasy!”
    There will be extra victory points/prizes awarded for fun categories like “Most Spectacular Fail,” “Most Beer Consumed,” “Most Expensive Unit/Formation Destroyed,” etc. Stay tuned for more information on game day!
    To ensure a fun, fast-paced day, each round will be limited to 45 minutes. Two general breaks and a lunch will be scheduled to calculate VPs and to allow players to stretch, get food, smoke, consume vast quantities of barley pop, etc.
    We all know that combat can be difficult and many poor decisions are made due to the "Fog of War." To represent this, a player MUST finish all their turn actions before the next round concludes. Any actions left unfinished are forfeit--everything stops where it is and moves to the opponents turn (including close combats, etc.). If it's important to your battle plan...make sure you complete it before the time limit! This is designed to keep things fun, respectful, and balanced for both sides. Anyone purposely slowing down an opponent will be severely dealt with by being locked in a porta-potty with a vicious squig.
    Deployments will be determined by raffle tickets. Each player will get three tickets as part of their registration fee. Additional tickets may be purchased for $1 each. Winning ticket may choose to deploy first. Each side will receive 10 minutes to deploy. Troops not deployed (for any reason, including a tardy player) are considered to be in reserve. Up to half of reserves (player’s choice) can be deployed at the start of TURN TWO, the remainder on TURN THREE. The team that deployed first will get the first turn unless their opponents steal the initiative (normal rules apply).
    Each table will need to elect one Warmaster per side. Each player must have a warlord for their troops. Any warlord may be elected to Warmaster (as per the Apocalypse rules) and benefit from the advantages of both.
    Players may bring back any formation/unit previously destroyed in battle for a donation to our charity (Clarity Child Guidance Center) for $2 OR 2 VP. After that, double the amount of the previous donation/VP amount to bring back another unit/formation. (The first unit/formation is $2 or 2 VP, second is $4 or 4 VP, and so on). It takes the sting out of having your favorite new and hastily-painted model being vaporized on turn 1 and could make a difference for local children in need.
    Each player can select one Strategic Asset available to their warlord's army as per the normal rules for Apocalypse and Apocalypse Battle zones. Assets are exciting, thematic ways to enhance an Apocalypse game and can be found in the main Apocalypse rulebook. IMPORTANT--you must use 2 VP to activate an asset! Read that sentence's very important. It's designed to force hard choices on the table top.
    Each player may buy up to four re-rolls for a donation of $5 each. Coupons for these rerolls will be made available on game day. To use a reroll, ask your opponent to rip your coupon in half. The results of the second roll must stand - You may not reroll a reroll.
    Divine Intervention (pg 24), Finest Hour (pg 26), Sons of the Primarch (pg 28), and Strategic Reserves (pg 37) from the Apocalypse rule book are in effect. Also...Unnatural Disasters (pg 38) may have a chance of impacting a random table.
    As the game progresses, the TO will award advantages to the sides who have more VPs at the break. These determine the control of planets, and when combined with other planetary battled, determine supply lines. The TO will announce these advantages and how they work as they become available on game day.
    Any player who does not attend the actual game will forfeit any points earned for his side. Furthermore, we will not reshuffle players on game day. You go to war with what you’ve got – make sure to get your allies together on game day, yo!
    Here is some fluff to get things started:
    +++Date: 3728.010M42+++
    +++Access point: Memnon Station Astropathic Relay+++
    +++Security Clearance: Gamma Epsilon+++
    +++Ref: 140500920340-AS-ZSS-CStn+++
    +++Thought for the day: "Hatred is the greatest gift the Emperor gave to humanity."+++
    Inquisitor Varan,
    The Divine Emperor’s Mercy has been granted to Inquisitor Kurtz for allowing the fall of the Port Maw naval base. The loss of Port Maw has unfortunately led to the extermination of billions – Renegade and Alien alike have destroyed countless colonies, hive worlds, and other key strategic assets. I trust his failure will be an opportunity for your redemption.
    Chaos forces are now using the ruins of Port Maw as a launching point to the Donovan System. This is currently the least defended of all Gothic Sector regions. It has enjoyed relative peace for centuries. This, of course, is about to change.
    Rumors from Donovan Prime suggest a charismatic preacher named “Brother Sepsis” has seized upon the failure at Port Maw to propagate an apostate gospel we suspect linked to the Cult of Nurgle. Vast swathes of the population have sworn allegiance to this cursed demagogue and civil war appears a foregone conclusion. Intelligence suggests many of the heretical forces that participated in the Port Maw conflict are moving to aid Brother Sepsis.
    It is imperative that you muster all resources available to the Imperium to stop this attack. Use every method at your disposal. While I will never approve of the philosophy or methods of Ordo Xenos, we will support any assistance you may gain from your… “connections.” I will personally lead a contingent of Astra Militarum from Vostroya along with the Ordo Hereticus.
    Let me make this clear – Do NOT reach out to the agents of Ordo Malleus. We suspect several Inquisitors of the order may be corrupted by the foul words of Brother Sepsis. It is a risk we cannot take. If they volunteer aid, ensure they fight in the deadliest theaters. We may be able to destroy two enemies at once…
    It is also critical that we preserve several key worlds in the Donovan sub-system. They are:
    Fulgium VII
    This agri-world has been annexed by the Tau Empire. It is distressing how quickly the inhabitants turned away from the divine light of the Emperor. Now the forces of chaos have set their sights on this pristine world.
    Brynn Station
    Following the devouring of several worlds, the tendrils of evil have set their aim at a Manufactorum world known as Brynn Station. Originally lost during the Horus Heresy, the foundries of this planet stretch hundreds of miles and is operated by a host of penal colonists. Dark Elder and their Ulthwe kin have decided to raid the world for slaves and other mysterious purposes...
    This is the only planet in its system and is home to a Hiveworld of 90 billion souls. The Gospel of Brother Sepsis has earned a strong following here and we believe an insurrection may be imminent against the planetary governor. This planet is a key recruiting ground for the Astra Militarum and must not be lost.
    Huron III
    Devastated by Ork roks and several massive WAAAAUGHS!, Huron III is currently dominated by the Greenskin hordes that massacred the citizens of Tarsis Prime. Raw materials and precious elements abound underneath the soil of Huron III and must be reclaimed for the war effort.
    Omina XIII
    A Cardinal World of the Ecclesiarchy, this holy jewel is viewed as a prize by Renegade forces, cunning Necrons, and many other enemies of the Imperium. Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, and many Astra Militarum legions have been dispatched to protect the massive holy complexes and continent-wide cathedrals.
    Do not fail in this endeavor, lest you be granted the Emperor's Divine Mercy as well.
    Inquisitor-Lord Reuther

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