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    Default Forge World tanks

    Are Forge World tanks (I.e. Malcador, Macharius, etc.) worth buying? I think they look pretty cool, but they are fairly expensive, and I would have to buy Imperial Armour for the rules. Does anyone have experience with these tanks?

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    there's so many ForgeWorld tanks that, even just statistically, some have to be good. And in fact, yes they are. And the books are very much worth their money - amazingly well done, lots and lots of very cool stuff in them.
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    I love the tanks and the books personally
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    In terms of appearance: well, that's personal, isn't it? If you like it, then yes.

    In terms of assembly: well, that very much depends on your level of modelling ability. FW models are not GW models, and they call for a much higher degree of modelling ability. They will come with bubbles. They will come with bent pieces. They will require effort to make fit together properly. None of these things are really too much of a problem, but you should be aware that these kits are very, very different from what you may be used to if all you've done before is plastic kits.

    As for rules? It varies wildly, especially when you take different eras into account.

    For example, in Horus Heresy 30K games, the Malcador is a fast tank that's absolutely brutal - think a speedy Leman Russ with way more hull points. In 40K, it's slow as balls, and nowhere near as powerful.

    Generally speaking, you'll have to look at each tank's rules individually, and decide for yourself. 30K tanks tend to be better than 40K ones, but that's part of the setting - it's an era where, thematically everything was better; 30K also uses different rules for 'D' weapons to accommodate this.

    Overall, buy what you like. The models are universally lovely, and that tends to make it worth it.

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    I have been endlessly happy with forgeworld tanks...I think every legion army needs a sicaran. I own a valdor and a macharius also, and love them all.



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