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Thread: Return to 40K

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    Default Return to 40K

    It's been a while since I painted some 40K minis. I have started with an old project. A few years ago I built a Chaos Space Marine Black Legion Army. It wasn't badly painted, I even managed to get Chris Bone of GW to paint my Daemon Prince for a demonstration game here in Jersey. I still have that miniature but I sold the rest of the army as it was gathering dust.

    With the recent updates of 40K (Planetstrike, Apocalypse) I thought it would be good to get out one of my 40K projects, dust it down and get painting. Having read the various Horus Heresy books I settled for painting what was left of my Chaos Space Marines as Word Bearers. For me these guys are the arch traitors of the Imperium.

    Anyhow here are some pics of the Sorcerer/Chaplin

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    I have to agree with Person Person, superb job mate! Also great to see one of these wizards again, we don't see enough of this guy. _______________



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