Greetings all,
it has been a while but i just needed to express my appreciation for the Betrayal at Calth box, specifically the dreadnaughts.
I got me two boxes, mainly to get a bunch of grunts to finish off my BA army that is based on a complete battle company, for a full sized squad of the old school termies and for two dreads to turn one into a mortis pattern contemptor and one as a two fisted close assault monster.
Here are the good things i have to say about the dread model:

1) It is cheap. We all know that the box is a great value and if the content is broken down the dread is a real bargain, especially considering that it comes with multiple weapon option (which are extra if going through FW for one of those puppies).

2) It is plastic. Easy to work with and compatible with any plastic bitz one has floating around.

3) It is non legion specific. No need to remove pesky markings to make it a dread from a legion of your choice.

4) all weapons are symmetrical, each weapon will work well either left or right handed with a minimum of work.

The basic dread is a bit bland and static when compared to the FW models but they will still make a perfectly functional and good looking model, especially if augmented with a few extra bitz like purity seal etc.
The static pose can be improved upon as well, as you will see below.

My first dread was supposed to be a mortis pattern shooty model, so a static pose actually works for it. Equipped with 2 Kheres assault cannons and a cyclone missile launcher it is supposed to shoot the heck out of stuff and make flyers thing twice about getting into range. So a pretty basic built, for a cyclone i used a left over missile pod from the drop pod kit.

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The second one is supposed to be a close combat dread, so i cut the model at the hip and gave it a little torso twist, removed one leg and re positioned it for a bit of dynamic action and replaced the combi bolters in the fists with a flamer and a melta muzzle.

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on both dreads i cut the arms above the elbows and magnetized them, then glued the shoulders in place. Fairly straight in the case of the mortis, a bit more dynamic in the case of the CC dread. Very easy and straightforward job. took like an hour to take care of both.

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GW did a great job on those from a practicality and game play perspective in my opinion.
I figure i would share this bit, hope you like and hopefully can use those little tweaks yourself.